15 Things Your Clients Are Sharing About You on Twitter

Clients are on Twitter, and they are talking about their legal problems — and their lawyers. Marketing consultants say this is why you need to be on Twitter yourself. I’m not so sure.

Let’s take a look at what your clients are actually saying about you, first.

1. Predictably, complaining about you

2. And calling you names

3. Discussing your own legal problems

4. Contemplating your fee

5. Not paying you

6. On their way to pay you!

7. I’ll be honest, though, I think you are charging a little much

8. Nice things

9. Bragging about you, in fact

10. Talking about how nice you look — and your fancy car

11. Complimenting your musical taste

12. Enjoying your emails

13. Sending around your (admittedly, pretty awesome) holiday cards

14. Planning to get you high

15. Discussing plans to hire you again shortly

See what else people are saying about their lawyers on Twitter.



  1. Avatar Gyi says:

    Here was a nice one:

    Shameless plug for my attorney bro @smiskolawfirm on his own shingle! smiskolaw.com @socalsmis. Be glad u have info 4 when u need!— Jason Smisko (@jsmisko) March 22, 2013

  2. I enjoy Twitter sooooo much. Great for lawyers who would like to connect and help. If we’re not already connected, join me at @mitchjackson :-)

  3. Avatar Bradley Bloom says:

    These sorts of comments are not great for reputation but much worse are the online reviews which are becoming popular even for law in google search. A competitor or aggrieved client can cause real damage with a nasty review on review sites, generally more than a tweet which will often be forgotten as quickly as it is posted bearing in mind how fast twitter moves.

  4. Avatar Ronnie says:

    Those comments are hilarious! My favorites are those about committing a crime knowing your lawyer can get you off. That’s a LOT of faith!!

    And to be honest, I don’t have much of a problem with a negative review. My partner got one and she was very hurt by it, and we knew who the client was. HOWEVER, having that negative review made the other positive reviews seem that much more realistic, instead of the fear that those were fabricated. It helped rather than hurt in the long run.

  5. Avatar Peg Manning says:

    SO glad I work with healthcare providers on regulatory matters. None tweets, at least not in our direction, and when they do, I am fairly sure that the English language does not cry.

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