twitter-errorLaw firm marketing guru Larry Bodine is the latest person to declare Twitter a bust. And while he may be proved right someday, I think his collection of “Twitter is . . .” statements are misguided. Larry makes valid points, but I disagree with his conclusion that Twitter is ineffective as a marketing tool.

The fact is, Twitter can be many things, including an effective tool for law firm marketing. But it is not always, and it depends on how you use it.

Whether Twitter is anything in particular depends on what you expect from it and how you use it. For example Larry Bodine seems to primarily expect website traffic. This is borne out by his own Twitter feed, where Larry mostly posts (or re-posts) links to websites and blog posts. But as he points out, Twitter is not always a great traffic generator.

Although Twitter is often a fickle website traffic generator, it can be a very effective way to get to know people–or to stay in touch with people you already know. Twitter is for networking, not advertising (although many people do not seem to understand this).

Twitter is an easy, “low-cost” way to start getting to know people and keep tabs on the referral sources that will keep you busy. But while Larry Bodine seems to value Twitter only if it generates “leads” and sales, I see Twitter as a way to build relationships that generate referrals or lead to other marketing exposure. To this end, my Twitter network consists of other lawyers, bloggers, and local media personalities, which lead to referrals, links from other consumer law blogs, print and television media appearances, and more.

Twitter can be an effective legal marketing tool, but I agree with Larry Bodine that it may not be, depending on what you expect.

Twitter Not Effective for Law Firm Marketing | LawMarketing Portal

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