Ashton O’Dwyer, Jr.’s handwritten response to a contempt order (PDF) is a standout example of what not to do. Never tell a federal judge—or any judge, for that matter—”Screw You!” And if you happen to do it once, over the phone, it is probably best not to repeat it in a public court filing.

This filing is only a few days old, so we will have to wait for Judge Lemelle’s certain-to-be-awesome response.

(Thanks, Phil Moscowitz!)

Sam Glover
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  1. Sam Glover Sam Glover says:

    Come to think of it, I don’t recall being told this in PR while in law school. Our educational institutions are failing us!

  2. Avatar Ben says:


    And on a side note, seeing a hand-written filing makes me want to hug Johannes Gutenberg.

  3. Avatar Samantha Gemberling says:

    Am so waiting, so waiting, to see the responsive pleadings and Order.

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