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Speaking of suits, check out this Planet Money article: The Difference Between A $99 Suit And A $5,000 Suit, In One Graphic. The biggest difference? About 74.5 hours of labor. [via NextDraft]

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  1. I’ve recently spoken to a couple of friends who were fitted for bespoke suits on trips to Hong Kong, where there are (apparently) tailors who make custom suits at affordable prices, with (apparently) comparable materials. Some of these regularly tour U.S. cities and will take your measurements, then ship you the suit (then do any necessary alterations on their next visit to town). I had a fitting this week from one of them ( after being referred by a friend whose suit I liked. I hesitate to personally recommend them, since my suit hasn’t arrived, but it’s just one of several shops doing this.

    • shg says:

      I have a number of suits made by Hong Kong tailors, and they are not only wonderful in fit and finish, but very reasonably priced.

      • Leo says:

        It always depends on the tailor. There are several very reputable tailors (for example, W.W. Chan). But for everyone competent tailor, there are scores of shysters who will leave you will an inferior, ill-fitting garment.

        Caveat emptor.

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