I really really really want a Nintendo Wii. The last time I saw one at CostCo, I managed to talk myself out of it, and I keep hoping my wife will decide to spoil me for the holidays.

I would love an Asus EEE PC, just to have something more compact to carry around for e-mail and blogging so I can leave my laptop at home.

Of course, I am already antsy to see the first round of Android phones. They will arrive way too late for the holidays, but just in time for me to get one anyway.

On the more practical side of things, I might get myself a MyBook 2 TB external drive for secondary backup of files and deposition videos. I’d like to leave it at home, hooked up to the Linux media server I hope will materialize under our tree.

What gadgets, software, or other geekery are you asking the Flying Spaghetti Monster for this holiday season?

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