Since Deborah is posting all kinds of awesome Outlook tips and tricks, we thought it would be interesting to know how many of you use Outlook versus the other popular options.

6 responses to “What Email Software Do You Use?”

  1. Nick Hamze says:

    I love Sparrow App,, its lightweight and easy to use just like a mail client should be.

  2. Dave says:

    I’ve been very happy with Google’s Gmail Apps for business. Easy to use, secure log in, sharing in Google Documents is really good as is the calendar. One issue is it sometimes times out in Chrome and then you have to reload the page.

  3. Peter says:

    I use the email program within TimeMatters.

  4. Deja says:

    We use “Intellect” from Chaos Software, they have “Legal Billing” too. For a solo firm – cost effective. I wish it had some additional features, but for what I paid – it is excellent.

  5. fakelawyer says:

    Haha, first comment is sparrow marketing spam. Google the exact phrase “just like an email client should be” and see how it magically shows up appended to any blog post about email clients. GO fake yourself.

    • Sam Glover says:

      The only results are this post. And unlike you, who are hiding behind a fake name and email address, that commenter’s name links to what appears to be the website of a real person.

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