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The Florida Bar Podcast: “The Power and Practice of Mindfulness”

Lawyers face a good deal of stress and conflict each day, and that can affect their well-being. For this episode of The Florida Bar Podcast, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jonathon Israel talked to Scott Rogers. Scott is the founder and director of the University of Miami School of Law’s Mindfulness in Law Program. He teaches Mindful Ethics, Mindful Leadership, and Mindfulness in Law. They discuss what mindfulness is, how it affects the brain and the impact of technology on well-being.

A.M. Best Insurance Law Podcast: “The Widening Risk Concerns Surrounding High School Athletics”

This week. the Best Insurance Law Podcast talked to Al Goldberger, a nationally recognized authority on sports law and a former NCAA basketball official. He is also the author of Sports Officiating, a Legal Guide. He discussed the areas of risk for interscholastic sports and how insurers respond to claims that result from intentional acts or assaults.

First Day Back: “Lovebirds”

First Day Back covers stories of people trying to get their lives back after an event that upends your life. For this season, they’re focusing on the story of Lucie and Gerry, a couple who were together 13 years until Lucie shot and killed him, but she has no memory of the act. How do you come back from the worst thing you’ve ever done when you don’t remember doing it? Start with episode one, above, and binge your way through all six episodes.

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