We added a bunch of new writers to Lawyerist in 2014, and we are long overdue in telling you about them. Here are the new voices you’ve been hearing from this year and who you will continue to hear from in 2015.


Andrew Cabasso

Andrew is a lawyer and the co-founder of JurisPage, a legal marketing firm. Apparently, he is also available to perform weddings.

Follow him on Twitter: @Andycabasso.


Jeena Cho

Jeena is a California bankruptcy lawyer who also teaches mindfulness and meditation to lawyers. In fact, you first met Jeena in a profile on Lawyerist, written by Chris Bradley. Jeena’s second book, The Anxious Lawyer (ABA) will be released in 2015.

You can find her on Twitter: @jeena_cho.


Sam Harden

Sam is a former big-firm associate who now practices criminal defense, personal injury, and nursing home law at a small firm in Tampa, Florida. He claims to be an extremely superstitious fan of Alabama sportsball.


Barron Henley

Barron is lawyer and co-founder of Affinity Consulting Group, where he helps law firms streamline1 their technology and procedures. I think Barron has forgotten more about law office technology (well, Windows-based technology, at least) than most of us have ever learned.

Follow Barron on Twitter: @barronhenley.


Kate Mangan

Kate is a former litigation partner who started Donocle, a consulting company that helps lawyers be more efficient and effective.

Follow Kate: @KateMayerMangan.


Kevin is a civil litigator in Atlanta who enjoys incorporating technology into his practice. His articles for Lawyerist will come largely from his own experiences using technology in litigation.

Follow Kevin on Twitter: @gkevinmorris.


Holden Page

We brought on an assistant editor this year. You will see Holden’s byline cropping up now and then, but his main impact is behind the scenes, keeping writers on deadline and polishing up the articles before they go on the front page.

Follow him on Twitter: @holdenthepage.


Evan Schaeffer

Evan Schaeffer is a lawyer from St. Louis who focuses on class actions and mass torts. Since 2004, he has been writing about legal issues on his two blogs, Legal Underground and Trial Practice Tips, and he has written two books: Deposition Checklists and Strategies and How to Feed a Lawyer (and Other Irreverent Observations from the Legal Underground).

Follow Evan on Twitter: @eschaeff.


Jason is an appellate lawyer at Bell Nunnally in Dallas, Texas. He was an English professor before going to law school, he has an MFA in creative writing, and he has a PhD in American literature.

Follow him on Twitter: @5thCircAppeals.


Cari Twitchell

Cari is a lawyer and copywriter for lawyers who will be writing about website copy and other marketing topics.

Follow Cari on Twitter: @caritwitchell.

These aren’t all the bylines you’ve seen in 2014. There have been a handful of articles from occasional contributors, guests, and bar journals. We’re also looking forward to bringing on a few more writers in 2015, so stay tuned.

  1. We’ll get him to streamline his author bio someday, too. 

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