If You Want to Improve Your Law Practice, Start Experimenting

Well put by Lee Rosen:

Experimenting is essential. It’s the root of all growth. Every hire is an experiment. Every new form is an experiment. Every change is the lobby background music is an experiment. You either maintain the status quo, or you grow. Growth is about experiments.

Follow Rule #10. Do an experiment. Start now.

I’ve said the same thing in numerous panels and presentations, but surprisingly few blog posts. You should always have an experiment going, whether it is trying late office hours like Lee did, or something else. Here are a few ideas:

  • Try a virtual receptionist like Ruby (or try answering your own phone if you already have a receptionist).
  • Try a flat fee on the next file you open.
  • Try working from home for a week.
  • Do a fire drill to test your tech.
  • Try doing your own trust accounting (or hiring a bookkeeper if you already do it yourself).
  • Try charging for initial consultations (or offering free consultations if you currently charge).
  • Try giving away a blank legal document.

Do it for a reasonable amount of time, collect data, then evaluate your results. Keep experimenting until you find a way to improve your law practice, then test the improvements with more experiments. Make experimenting part of the way you run your law practice.

Featured image: “female scientist and her senior male supervisor ” from Shutterstock.

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