Want A Job? Move To North Dakota

We have known for a while that there is a serious maldistribution of legal resources out there. That is a fancy way of saying that lawyers clump in urban, suburban, and exurban areas while rural areas have far fewer attorneys. Looking for jobs in rural areas makes sense, particularly because rural generalist attorneys are retiring.

In North Dakota specifically, however, lawyer jobs abound in part because tons of young men who seem prone to legal troubles moved there during the oil boom.

It’s a great time to be an attorney in North Dakota — especially around the oil fields of rural North Dakota. The number of civil and criminal cases there have skyrocketed in recent years, partly due to squabbles over mineral rights and because of a booming population of young men with money, some of whom are getting in trouble. […]

The shortage in NoDak is apparently so bad that people keep calling Legal Aid. Not because they can’t pay — they can — but because they have no idea how else to find a lawyer because there are so few available.

So pack your bags! The oil fields await you!

Featured image: “WILLISTON, NORTH DAKOTA – MAY 3: Oil refinery is shown on May 3, 2010 near Williston, North Dakota. Oil discoveries in the Bakken Formation have led to rapid industrial development and job creation” Credit:  Tom Reichner / Shutterstock.com

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