Answer1 is a virtual receptionist service that works with a variety of types of clients and provides a dedicated team of legal receptionists to handle calls for attorneys specifically.

Answer1 Highlights

Customization. Answer1 allows attorneys to customize a number of aspects of their call-handling experience. Lawyers can specify a personalized answer phrase and work with Answer1 to create firm-specific scripts. Answer1’s virtual receptionists can screen and transfer calls, take messages, provide directions to your offices, and answer frequently asked questions. Rather than limit services to only taking phone calls, Answer1 will also monitor a firm’s email, schedule appointments, and place outbound calls to confirm meetings and appointments.

Local to Arizona. Instead of outsourcing calls to virtual receptionists located across the country, Answer1 handles 99% of calls at their facilities in Phoenix, Arizona, and the remainder is processed by virtual receptionists elsewhere in Arizona.

24/7/365 in English and Spanish. Answer1 provides 24/7/365 call handling, and bilingual services are provided 24/7/365 as well.

Customizable script. For attorneys who need lead qualifications, Answer1 will handle that service based on parameters your firm provides, including collecting demographic and contact information.

Optional services. Answer1 offers a number of optional services. Companies can choose to integrate their call handling with a CRM, connect Answer1 with the firm’s calendar so Answer1 can schedule matters directly, or set up secure text messages for maximum data protection. There is a web portal and a billing tracker available as well.


Answer1’s pricing is based on how many minutes of service you use.

  • $239/month is the cost for 100 minutes.
  • $399/month is the cost for 200 minutes.
  • $749/month is the cost for 500 minutes.

For each new account, Answer1 charges a $90 setup fee that covers programming, onboarding, and training.


Starting price$239/4 weeks
for 100 receptionist minutes
Free trial21-day money-back guarantee.
Live receptionist
Customizable greeting/script
Live transfers/call forwarding
Takes messages
Call overflow
Client intake
Outbound calls
Appointment scheduling
Use existing number
Free local or toll-free number
Real-time notifications
Additional languagesSpanish

Things You Might Want To Know

Security. Answer1 has a secure messaging smartphone app that is HIPAA-compliant. Data stored on the phone is encrypted.

Apps and Integration. Answer1 makes its application programming interface (API) available, which allows Answer1’s call data to be integrated with 300+ applications, including Google, Slack, and Office 365. Answer1 integrates directly with legal-specific services like Clio and Lexicata. They do not have iOS or Android apps, but they say on their website they will be rolling those out in 2017.

Who Answer1 Is For

Because they use Zapier to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) software, law practice management software Clio, legal-specific CRM Lexicata, and hundreds of other programs, they are probably a good fit for attorneys looking to streamline and connect their technology services. However, it is probably not a good fit for attorneys that want access via a mobile app for iOS or Android.

Company Info

Answer1 is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

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