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The Florida Bar Podcast—“What it Really Means to Be a Virtual Lawyer”

Hosts Christine Bilbrey and Jonathon Isreal talked to Richard Granat, an expert on the delivery of legal services over the internet. They discuss what a virtual law practice looks like, what drives lawyers to switch to online services, and what you need to know to start your own virtual law practice. Richard cautions against just diving into new technology and instead suggests lawyers should first establish a business model and then figure out which technologies work best for them.

New Solo—“Treat Your Solo Practice as a Small Business (Because it is)”

Matthew Moeller, a solo attorney representing maritime businesses, talked to host Adriana Linares about how he started his practice, what technology he uses, and how his past business experience helps him. They also discuss the pros and cons of a shared office space and why you might end up moving to your own private space.

Shut Up and Sit Down—“Matt and Quinns Go To the Past”

If you’re a board game obsessive or interested in the intersection of video games and board games, Shut Up and Sit Down is for you. A few weeks ago, they dug into board games that you might have played in your (relative) youth, like Magic: The Gathering, and whether those games hold up today.

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