Viewswagen Lets You Advertise with Uber

Viewswagen is a system for delivering ads to Uber passengers based on their “trip intent”: origin, destination, and other information Viewswagen is able to pull from Google and other sources. It does not get any actual information about the passenger; Viewswagen gets the origin from the location of the car at pickup. The driver enters the destination into the app, and the algorithm makes some smart guesses about the passenger’s “trip intent.”

So if you are a bankruptcy lawyer, you might want to show your ad to anyone going to a check-cashing store or repo lot. Or if you are a PI lawyer, you might want to show your ad to anyone going to the hospital.

I’m not sure I like seeing ads in the back of a cab, or that I want them to start showing up when I use Uber. It’s also still uncertain whether Uber will tolerate them. But if you’re up for something new, maybe “trip intent” is worth a try.

Full disclosure: The founder of Viewswagen is a former client of mine.

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  1. Hi Sam, I thought I would share with you Uber’s official stance on Viewswagen.

    Kristen Carvell, an Uber spokesperson told BuzzFeed that partnering with Viewswagen isn’t against Uber’s policies and that drivers would not be deactivated for advertising with Viewswagen.

    However, Uber’s attempts at discouraging drivers from partnering with Viewswagen might be pushing the employee/independent contractor envelope. Read the full article here at Buzzfeed.

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