View Your Website Through a Multi-Browser Lens

The importance of your firm’s website grows everyday as more people use the internets to research and choose attorneys. Given the fast-growing market of mobile internet users, having a smartphone optimized website is a great idea.

While you are at, see what your website looks like on various desktop browsers.

Your site might look different on various browsers

Apparently, some people still use Internet Explorer and Netscape. Depending on who designed your website, what it was designed with, and how it is coded, some browsers could make a mockery of your site.

Maybe a page will not display. Maybe the format looks like garbage. Maybe the browser can only display the footer. Depending on how many clients you get from your website, this could be a big problem.

If you are a larger firm, you can always pay someone to make sure your site looks pretty from all angles. For solos and small firms, however, that might not be an option. Fortunately, there is an easier solution.

Try a browser tester

If you work on your own site, there are a number of services that can test what your site looks like.

Browsershots lets you to see what your site looks like on various browsers (including plenty that you have never heard of). All you do is type in a URL, select which browsers you want to see, and it will generate a number of screenshots.

It is free, but you have to wait in a queue for all of your screenshots. The other downside is that you only get screenshots, you cannot fully interact with your site. For $29.95, you can upgrade to a priority plan that does not require waiting.

There are other services available, and many of them actually run on virtual machines which means you should be able to play around with your entire site, not just see various screenshots.

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  1. Avatar Ben Bunker says:

    This post was prophetic. I’ve been looking for something just like this. I’m running a test right now. I do my own website (WordPress has saved my life!) and I have been wondering about this issue. Thanks!

    • Aaron Street Aaron S. says:


      Considering that you’re using the Thesis Theme for WordPress (as does Lawyerist), I’m guessing your site looks good an all the major browsers.

      • Avatar Ben Bunker says:


        Yeah, I wasn’t too concerned, but curiosity was getting the better of me. I ran a test with Browsershots and it all looks pretty good. However, it seemed to stop halfway through the test (I just used the default checked browsers – 63). In any event, this is a handy little tool for us “do-it-yourselfers.”

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