Will Video Consultations Become More Popular?


Video chats appear to be on the rise. A few months ago about whether you should make video conferencing part of your practice. Given the relatively low cost combined with the various ways it can be used, I think the answer is a resounding yes. A new study confirms that video chats are likely to become more prevalent.

Almost 1 in 5 adults have tried video chats

The study shows that 19% of American adults have tried video calls/chats. According to the study, this means that 23% of internet users and 7% of cell phone users have tried video calls.

The study also notes that people that individuals with higher incomes are more likely to participate in video chats. Notably, younger individuals are also more likely to engage in video chats—close to 30% of people between the ages of 18-29 had been part of a video chat.

Is there a change on the horizon?

My article from a few months was more about whether video conferencing is useful—I think it is. This study, however, indicates that the general public is catching on, especially younger adults. For initial consultations, video chats may replace first office visit in certain situations.

Many times I suggest to out-of-town clients that we have a Skype chat, rather than making them drive for hours to meet with me. In the future, I suspect that clients will request video chats, rather than attorneys making the suggestion.

It seems unlikely video chats will take the place of all consultations and client meetings. Many meetings have to occur in person given the subject matter or for confidentiality purposes. But when the situation deems it appropriate, video consultations will become a more appealing option for both attorneys and clients.

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