Is Video Conferencing Part of Your Practice?

From digital classrooms to digital courtrooms, video conferencing appears to be making a comeback. In a recent divorce case, part of the custody agreement involved Skype videochat availability.

Stay mobile and stay in touch

Last fall, Sam was out of the office frequently to help with his newborn. This fall, Randall IV is on the way, so I will likely be working from home often.

Yes, you can email and call co-workers, but video chat adds another level to your communication. Most people rely on body language more than they think, and by seeing who you are talking to, it can help the conversation.

Chat with clients?

We operate in a niche of debt-collection defense cases in Minnesota. Many of our potential clients are interested in paid consultation, but do not want to drive two hours to get here. Instead of driving here, they can either Skype video chat from their home computer, or from another computer close to their home.

Custody agreements?

As the above article notes, video conferencing is at least one way to deal with custody agreements that involve long distances. There is no substitute for person-person contact, but video conferencing does provide additional benefits.

Try it

Many computers have built in webcams. If your computer does not, you can buy one for relatively cheap. Skype costs $2.99/month. Give it a whirl—you might like it.

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  1. Avatar Kevin Chern says:

    Our office often uses video chat to communicate with our office in India, and we also use video chat to talk to the girls at the Total Impact House, a shelter and educational facility for women of Uganda who have been affected by the sex trafficking industry. On the professional side, using video helps us save money by saving us from the need to take around the world trips on a regular basis. On the personal side, video conferencing allows the staff at Total Attorneys and our friends in Uganda build relationships and learn more about one another and ways we can enrich each other’s lives. While face-to-face contact would be great in both situations, it is not always feasible, so video chat is a good option.

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