Lawyers can use an iPad in their practice in more than one way, whether it be for client meetings or in the courtroom.

For attorneys on the go, a frequent complaint is that you still need to bring a laptop, because typing on the iPad is less than ideal. With that in mind, I was very excited to try out the Verbatim Ultra-slim Bluetooth Keyboard.

It turns out the iPad keyboard is much better than I originally thought.

What I like about the keyboard

The design is clean and the product feels remarkably sturdy given it’s relatively slim design. It comes in a nifty little sleeve that fits it like a glove and appears to protect it against wear and tear. It’s wireless (in case you missed that) and it has a rechargeable battery.

Pairing it with your iPad is a breeze. I’m not sure if that’s on Apple’s end, or Verbatim’s end, but it takes approximately ten seconds to get it paired and working with your iPad.

Speaking of the iPad, the keyboard has a ton of iPad friendly buttons, including: the ability to lock your iPad, brightness and volume controls, close an app, and bring up the iPad keyboard (among other buttons). If you could get used to typing on the keyboard, these features would make it fairly awesome.

Speaking of typing . . .

What I don’t like about the keyboard

My goal was to type this entire review on the actual keyboard. That experiment lasted for about five minutes and I got through approximately two sentences. I typed more than that, but it took that long to get the words and punctuation right.  That’s not good.

The keys are small, smaller than the keys on the iPad’s virtual keyboard. I think the actual keys are workable, the problem seems to be how close together they are. I’m used to a Mac wireless keyboard, which has about 1/8 of an inch between every key. The space between the keys on the Verbatim is so small that I had difficulty measuring it, but it appears there is about 1/24 of an inch between each key. That’s just not enough space.

I have pretty skinny fingers, but I repeatedly would hit more than one key when I was typing. I thought maybe I would get used to it, but it seemed to get worse the more I typed. I even resorted to typing one key at a time with one finger (you know, the really slow way), and the keyboard kept registering more than one key.

Potentially, I think one way to alleviate the issue would be to have more responsive keys. The keys themselves are very soft, but you have to push down hard and all the way in order to get the keys to register. That seemed to result in more than key being pushed.

The bottom line is that typing was embarrassingly difficult. As noted above, the keyboard has some great features. Unfortunately, those features do not compensate for the fact that the keyboard fails at it’s main purpose: allowing you to type.

Who should buy it

I’m leaning towards nobody. Like I said, I have really slender fingers, and I mean really slender. If I can’t make this thing work, I can only imagine what would happen to people with normal size fingers or even chubby fingers tried to type. Maybe children would love using it?

I was really excited to try this product and the cool function buttons had me pretty amped. But when you can’t type on a keyboard, it’s useless in my opinion. As noted above, I had better luck with iPad’s virtual keyboard, and I generally hate the virtual keyboard.


Verbatim Ultra-slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Reviewed by Randall Ryder on .

Summary: Typing on the Verbatim Ultra-slim Bluetooth Keyboard is extremely difficult. Other than that, it looks nice and it is easy to pair with an external device.

Overall score: 1 (out of 5)


  1. Eric P says:

    Apple’s standard wireless keyboard is excellent. It pairs instantly – and works perfectly in all text documents that I have tried.

  2. Jordan says:

    Have you checked out Logitech’s ZAGG keyboard? I want to kiss this thing goodnight I love it so much.

    I have kind of fat fingers, too.

    And yes, I wrote this from my iPad.

  3. Sam Glover says:

    I just got this back from Randall, and it’s just as bad as he says. It’s too big for thumbs, and too small for fingers.

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