If you are technologically challenged, or know someone who is, you probably do not communicate with them via email. But if you have a phone line and a fax connection, Celery may solve your problem.

Essentially, Celery is a glorified fax machine. Let’s say you have a small firm, but do not use email. Opposing counsel can still send you emails, but instead of coming to your computer, your Celery machine will receive them as faxes. When you want to reply, just place your document on the machine. It will scan the document and email it to your recipient.

The product is clearly targeted at people who never caught onto this whole “internets” thing and want to keep in touch with family. But it has utility for attorneys who still use fax machines as their main method of communication. You can also use the service to send Facebook and Twitter updates.


  1. How silly. Are there actually attorneys out there who have a fax and not email? It should be reversed. Everyone should be using their email to send faxes, or even better, not send faxes at all.

    • Aaron Street Aaron Street says:


      I think we can all agree that for 99.99% of folks, this is a ridiculously funny business idea.

      Celery appears to be targeting the 0.01% of technophobes who will never figure out computers.

      And to be clear, my understanding of the service is that they provide the fax machine (hence the “1, 2, 3” stickers in the video); it’s not for folks who for some reason are already fax-savvy.

  2. I took a look at their website and I wonder whether this isn’t just another way to rip-off elderly people. For barely more than the cost of the all-in-one Celery is selling and a one-year subscription, you could buy grandma or grandpa a cheap netbook, get them a gmail address, and take 10 minutes to show them how to use it.

    An attorney who feels they need to rely on a service like this instead of learning to use email should consider whether they are competent to serve clients.

  3. I have met attorneys who do not use email. For them, I actually think this service might be helpful. It is better than nothing.

    For everyone else (the 99.99% Aaron refers to), I do not think this product is useful.

  4. Ralph says:

    This is a great idea for short-order fast food business. I’m looking at this to provide my clients with a way they can receive lunch orders through their existing fax routine. I think that industry could really benefit in a service like this.

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