googlelocalbizcenterLots of potential clients use internet searches to find attorneys close to them—creating an account on Google’s Local Business Center ensures clients can the right information they need about your practice.

Head over to the Google Local Business Center to get the ball rolling. As the video will tell you, you can basically create your own profile for your business for free. At the very least, be sure to add the basics: address, phone, and website. Lots of businesses do not take the time to add a website—which is very annoying (and simple to fix).

You can add details about your practice as well—which can also help potential clients decide whether to call you or not. Maybe you want to even put “free consultations” if you offer those. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for potential clients to find you and contact you. Creating your businesses profile at Google Local Business Center will do just that.

Learn how to Claim Your Google Business Profile!

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  1. Brendan C. says:

    Nice tip Randall. Bing and Yahoo have their versions as well: and

    We’ve had mixed results with local listings in really populated areas for our clients. I’m under the impression that it was originally designed for hyper-local businesses like pizza shops and auto mechanics, where location is of prime importance. Lawyers are kind of stuck in a quazi grey area. Location can be important, but other factors like experience outweigh that. Makes it tough for a great attorney in the suburbs to get listed in a neighboring big city.

    Despite that, great tip, free ways to get a firm name and website out there always have value.

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