In order to run a paperless, mobile office, using a cloud storage is a near-must. We use Dropbox, which has worked rather wonderfully for the past year, with no major issues. Two new features make the program are making it even better.

Share selected files

With the new version of Dropbox, you can share certain files by emailing a link to the recipient. You can do this either through the web-based version of Dropbox, or through the desktop version. For sharing documents with clients, this is a nice feature to have. The advantage to sharing a link is that clients can just click on it, and read it right away. No issues with PC-Mac compatibility, no issues with .docx or .doc.

Of course, you can always just create a PDF of a file and email to whoever you want. The one disadvantage to sharing a link is that it is not clear how long the link is active. For the most part, documents emailed to clients are documents that will get filed with the court, and be in the public record. But even if you just post a link to an earlier draft, do you really want that sitting on the internet? Be sure to consider that before posting links.

Selectively sync documents

The other advantage is that you can (allegedly) only sync certain folders. That is awesome for computers with smaller hard drives (like a MacBook Air). Our firm’s Dropbox grows bigger by the day, and frankly, I cannot use Dropbox and encrypt all the files to ensure security. Now, however, I can choose to only sync up certain client folders, with room to encrypt them.

Caution – beta upgrade

Before you upgrade, there are two things to consider. One, this is only a beta version, and is not yet considered secure—so upgrade at your own risk. If you do upgrade, I suggest doing it in the evening before you leave work. The new version apparently needs to change all the files, which can take hours depending on how full your Dropbox is.

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