Cloud storage is growing more and more popular among attorneys. Although cloud storage can help you maintain a mobile office, cloud storage also involves unique security issues.

CloudStor provides the flexibility of cloud access, but allows you to store your files on your own CloudStor drive.

How it works

CloudStor is “powered by” PogoPlug, another device which allows you to create a virtual cloud storage system. Plug your CloudStor into your internet router, create an online account, and you are ready to roll.

Here is where the device is slightly confusing. CloudStor has both a port for an ethernet cable and a USB port. Presumably, you upload files directly to your CloudStor through a USB connection. The product’s website, however, indicates that you use your online account to upload files to CloudStor. Either way, the files are stored directly on your CloudStor, not in the cloud.

Your online account is used for when you are not at home and want to access files stored on your CloudStor. There are desktop applications for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, which make it even easier to access your files stored on Cloudstor. In addition, there are applications for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry that will also provide similar access.

The company plans will sell two models—1 TB and 2 TB—priced at $169.99 and $269.99.

Give it a shot

If the you want the advantages of using cloud storage but do not want to store files on a company’s computers, CloudStor is a nice option. The biggest potential downfall I can see is access speed. Although your CloudStor drive will appear as a hard drive on your computer, it is not clear whether the files are duplicated onto your computer, or if they only stay on the CloudStor.

If the files only reside on CloudStor, there could be speed issues when you want to access a bunch of files. In addition, if none of the files are on your actual computer, you would be unable to access your files if your internet connection is out and you are working remotely.

Speed issues aside, the product looks rather appealing. If you are considering cloud storage, add CloudStor to your list of options.


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