How Much Does the Uniform Bar Exam Cost?

The Uniform Bar Exam is a new version of the bar exam being offered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. It is a two-day exam comprised entirely of questions testing national principals of law. States often adopt the UBE to help give new graduates and others seeking employment a greater range of employment opportunities.

Applicants who take the UBE are given a portable score they can use to apply for admission in any of the sixteen states that offer the test and accept transfer scores. This alleviates the need to take time off to take a new bar exam and to wait for grading.

However, each state that accepts the score does have its own requirements for character and fitness, as well as a fee associated with the transfer application. In six states, it ends there. In ten other states, there are additional state-specific testing or educational requirements applicants must complete before they are licensed to practice. The chart below details the range of costs and requirements, by state, for applicants with a UBE score.

StateCostAdditional Transfer RequirementsScore Transfer CostDate of Adoption
Alabama$575Course on Alabama law$875March 2007
Alaska$800Alaska Bar Rule 64 affidavit$800January 2014
Arizona$580Course on Arizona law$625 + $200 course feeJanuary 2015
Colorado$710Six hour course on professionalism$810November 2011
Idaho$600N/A$800February 2012
Kansas$1250Cannot have previously failed the written Kansas exam$1250April 2015
Minnesota$500 (or $950 if licensed in another jurisdiction for at least 6 months) + $100 laptop feeN/A$950February 2013
Missouri$910Mandatory open book test : Missouri Educational Component test (MECT) and sign Certificate of Completion$1240February 2011
Montana$450Attend a Montana Law Seminar$400July 2013
Nebraska$490 + $150 laptop feeN/A$925January 2013
New Hampshire$725N/A$725August 2013
North Dakota$825N/A$775February 2011
Utah$550 (student) $850 (attorney) + $150 laptop feeIf less than two years legal practice, New Lawyer Training Program. If more than 2 years, at least 15 CLE hours on Utah practice & procedure & ethics & civility$550 (student)
$850 (attorney)
September 2012
Washington$585Pass the Washington Law Component (online test)$785July 2013
Wyoming$800N/A$800December 2012
New York$250Online course and examination $250 (domestic)
$750 (foreign)
July 2016

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