Managing your email can become more than just part of your day, it can become the majority of you day. One way to help manage the issue is keeping an empty inbox. You can also use Google’s new priority inbox to help organize your email.

Another way, however, is to try and limit the number of emails that get to your inbox.

Use unsubscribe

Unsubscribe is a new service that will take care of one problem in your inbox—unwanted emails from mailing lists. For example, that one restaurant you went to and now get three emails a week about menu updates, or the resort you stayed at and swore to never go to again.

With many mailing list emails, they have “click here to unsubscribe” links. Sometimes you get a fast response that says “we have removed you.” Other times you never get a response, or you are required to login to update your mailing options—but you cannot remember your login info.

Perhaps worst of all is when you actually unsubscribe, but then continue to receive unwanted emails. This is when unsubscribe can become a time saver.

How it works

You have to sign up for an account on unsubscribe. Ironically, there is also a button on unsubscribe for unsubscribing to their mass emails. Once you have created an account, you simply forward an unwanted mass mailing email to an email address at unsubscribe and they will take care of it for you. They also have plug-ins that allow it to work within Gmail or Outlook.

In terms of cost, you can get a free membership which allows 5 unsubscribes per month. The other alternative is $19/year for unlimited mail help.

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  1. Jay S. Fleischman says:

    Interesting service, but I usually do the “unsubscribe by email.” It’s less expensive and marks my address directly in the sender’s system to prevent future problems. If all else fails, I use Gmail’s “Mark As Spam” feature.

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