New versions of Ubuntu are released twice a year, and the second release of 2008 comes out today! (Watch the countdown at right to find out when the actual release is available.)

Since 8.04 was a stable, long-term service release, 8.10 includes a number of improvements. One of Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth’s goals is developing a user experience that matches Apple’s within two years. To that end, Canonical, the company that spearheads the Ubuntu program, has hired a handful of developers to coordinate Ubuntu development with the “upstream” projects it relies on.

Intrepid Ibex is the first step to an even better OS. Unlike Windows and OSX, Ubuntu move—and improves—quickly.

If you have not tried a Linux distro before, give Intrepid Ibex a try. It is released on LiveCDs. Just download the file and burn it to a CD. If you put it in your CD drive and restart, you can try Ubuntu without affecting anything on your computer. It just runs from the CD. (Be forewarned, running from a CD is slower than if you actually install Ubuntu, which is usually as fast or faster than Windows.)

Get it while its hot! (Or wait a couple of days, as the Canonical servers get hit pretty hard with any new release.)

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