Want to impress important clients? Consider picking them up in an Uber car:

Uber is an on-demand car service that allows everyone to have a private driver experience through iPhone, SMS, and web based requests.

The service is exceptionally easy-to-use. Just sign-up, download the app, set your pickup location and request a pickup.

Once you set your pick up location, you can see available drivers in your area and approximate time until pickup.

When you request a pickup, you are provided your driver’s name and ratings from other users.

Since drivers and passengers can see one another’s Uber profiles, drivers greet passengers by name. The entire transaction is processed through your account (including tip), there is no exchange of cash.

Their site state’s that they are selective as to which partners they work with and ensure that they have proper licensing (didn’t see anything on insurance). Further, when a driver’s user-rating dips beneath a certain level, Uber won’t do business with them.

They guarantee seating for up to four people and they don’t charge per person so whether you ride alone, or with three others, it will be the same price.

Base Fares for Chicago

Sample Fares for Chicago

In Chicago, for the rides that I have taken with them, the price worked out to be just under twice what it would have cost for a cab.

It’s worth noting that there is a $10 cancellation fee if a rider cancels more than 5 minutes after their driver is assigned. If a driver takes too long to arrive (5 minutes over the estimated time of arrival for that driver) then the cancellation charge is waived.

I’ve had three Uber rides. All three of my drivers were very professional, courteous and friendly. Their cars were all very well-kept. All of the drivers arrived earlier than the estimated time. It’s certainly a much more enjoyable experience than your average Chicago cab ride.

Uber has also begun testing the service with taxis. To me, this is where Uber might really shine. Being able to see a cab driver’s rating before selecting them for a ride is a service for which I would pay a reasonable premium.

As of now, Uber is only available in select cities. So far, I’ve been really impressed with the service and wouldn’t be surprised if it significantly changes the way we hail cabs.

Service Reviewed: Uber Car Service
Reviewed by Gyi Tsakalakis on .
Summary: Easy-to-use, professional, more expensive than cab.
Description: Uber is a very easy-to-use on-demand car service that provides a private driver experience through iPhone, SMS, and web based requests.
Rating: 4.5


  1. I love ├╝ber. I used all the time while in court in downtown LA!!!

  2. Star Carter says:

    FYI: just used a promo code for a free $10 driving credit, seems to be good regardless of location. Type in ubertdot when prompted for the promo code. Happy riding!

  3. David comer says:

    My iPhone was stolen by an Uber driver. Uber does not accept responsibility, as the drivers are just 1099s. You have a better chance with your thumb and a hitchhiking certificate. Don’t use these guys, unless you are nude. The drivers apparently want “more” from you than just money.

  4. jonh gordon says:

    use only their Black car and SUV options,UberX is unsafe because all of the drivers are not licensed to operate as a taxi or limo , be aware .Very professional and always on time .

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