LinkedIn, “the most boring social network in the world”TM, is having a bad day. Two security/privacy issues hit the news, and both mean you should take action to secure your LinkedIn account.

Issue 1 LinkedIn’s app allows you to sync up your calendar to LinkedIn so you can look up LinkedIn profiles for people you are about to meet with. Unfortunately, that means data about you, your contacts, and your meetings is transmitted in the clear, which makes it easy to intercept. So if you store things like meeting notes or passcodes in your calendar, this is a major concern. LinkedIn is updating its apps quickly. If you use LinkedIn on Android, the update is available now. If you are on iOS, it should be available shortly.

Issue 2 Apparently, 6.5 million LinkedIn hashed password have been posted online. Not the passwords themselves, but hashes can be cracked. Go change your password.

(via ShortFormBlog)

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