twitter-legal-listsTwitter can be a very useful useful resource to help you to gain information to support your law practice. One way to accomplish this goal is to use a relatively new Twitter tool—Twitter lists.

There are many law-related Twitter lists that are curated by Twitter users, some of which  include lawyers who practice law in your areas of practice.  By following these lists, you will be able to track discussions between lawyers about some of the latest decisions and issues that affect a given area of practice.

Here are a number of law-related Twitter lists to get you started:

  • Bankruptcy Lawyers
  • Criminal Law Attorneys
  • eDiscovery
  • Employment Law
  • Housing Law UK
  • Internet Law
  • Legal News
  • Legal Tech Thinkers

You can discover other law-related lists through Listorious, which provides a directory of Twitter lists, making it easy for you to locate the lists that will help you stay on top of the areas of law that are most important to your practice. Simply search for tags like “law” or “legal.”

You can add Twitter lists to your RSS feed reader by using this tool: Twitter Lists 2 RSS.

So dive in and start following a few lists. You have nothing to lose—and everything to gain.

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