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tungle-schedule-meetingsWhether you are scheduling an appointment with a client, a networking group meeting, a trial strategy conference with an associate, or a weekly review with your assistant, the combination of schedule changes, telephone tag, and endless emails makes scheduling any meeting almost impossible. More time is wasted scheduling most meetings than is actually spent in the meeting itself.

One new tool to remove some of the hassle from the scheduling process is Tungle, a free, web-based scheduling service that will allow you to schedule meetings via email with one or more participants at a time.

Sync with your productivity software

Tungle syncs with popular calendar programs including Outlook, Google, iCal, and Entourage, and there is even an application for the iPhone. Choose the meeting times and invite as many participants as you want. Participants do n0t even need a Tungle account. Instead, they will get a link to your meeting on Tungle and can choose the times when they are available. You can choose to receive an email to approve the final meeting time or just allow Tungle to schedule the meeting and put it on your calendar for you.

One of the best features of Tungle is that it will automatically update your meeting availability; if you add a new appointment to your calendar while a meeting invitation is pending (but not booked) for a conflicting time, Tungle will mark that time as unavailable.

If you schedule appointments with participants in different time zones, Tungle will automatically adjust the time zone for you. Each person will receive an email with the time in the correct time zone and Tungle will display the calendar based on the time zone of the participant viewing it.

Let others see your availability

Tungle will also provide you with your own personal link to allow others to see when you are free and to schedule an appointment with you directly online. The details of your calendar will not be displayed to others; the calendar will merely reflect when you are free and when you are busy. Provide your ‘’ link in an email or even on LinkedIn, Facebook or your blog and let your clients or others schedule an appointment online directly with you.

Tungle’s features are particularly helpful for solos or small firm practitioners. Instead of going back and forth trying to find a time, allow clients to schedule appointments directly or let a virtual assistant schedule appointments using your ‘tungle me’ link. Your calendar details will be secure, the appointments will appear on your calendar automatically and you can stop wasting time scheduling and focus on providing excellent service to your clients.

(Thanks, Andrea Cannavina!)


  1. Avatar Andrea Hable says:

    I just found this post as I’m looking for something that does this. Unfortunately it looks like Tungle no longer exists. Any new suggestions? I’ve found a few but they either look way too robust (and/or not quite suited for a solo law practice), or not professional enough. It looks like Tungle users were rolled into Doodle, which offers BookMe and MeetMe, which fit those two categories respectively (MeetMe is more what I had in mind, but it doesn’t look/feel very professional). I know people use Google Calendar for this too, and I’ve also looked at GenBook (my chiropractor and massage therapist use that one), vCita, and TimeTrade.

    The biggest things for me are that I want the calendar to show the times I am available as opposed to having to mark off the times I am busy (so I can start with my ideal meeting times since I have a flexible schedule), not have specific time slots (like if I have available 9-12, I want a client to be able to select 9, 9:15 or 9:30 etc, not be fixed with 9, 10, or 11), not require clients to create an account (but maybe to enter an email for reminders), and for me to be able to update the schedule and have it show to anyone with a link (for the clients who take a week or a month to get back to me with a date). It would be nice if it would email clients with an auto meeting reminder/confirmation, sync meeting requests with iCal, and if it would require me to confirm the meeting or allow for people to suggest more than one time. I don’t really care if I can post it on my website, I’d rather email clients a link after they contact me since I need them to do paperwork and get other info before we meet.

    I hope someone who is developing a program like this reads my wish list and makes exactly what I need :)

    • Avatar Sam Glover says:

      I hope so, too. In the meantime, you might want to check out the LAB and see if there’s a good answer there. I was also just introduced to the app/service Fancy Hands. It’s not quite what you were looking for, but it might do an even better job of the same thing. It’s basically a dirt cheap personal assistant. Instead of messing around with software, you’d just tell Fancy Hands to schedule your appointment for you, and they would take care of it, reminders and all.

      Until someone creates your dream software, it might be worth a try.

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