It is a dreary, rainy (finally, the grass is so happy!) day here in DC. The gray sky combined with the fact that the weekend is here makes for a day where I am highly unmotivated to get dressed at all. Since a full on birthday suit is frowned upon in the workplace (well, at least my workplace) I decided to utilize one of a few fail-safe tricks to create an outfit without even trying (and share with you the rest).

For those days when you just are not interested in putting effort into an outfit, fall back on one of these tips to look polished with little to no effort.

Add a blazer/jacket: Choose any basic shirt/pant or skirt combination and instantly transform it with a sharp blazer. Your look is instantly (and effortlessly) pulled together. Today I threw on a cobalt blazer over basic blank ankle-cropped pants and a white top.

Adorn your neck: A great necklace can dress up even a basic t-shirt to professional status (although I wouldn’t recommend a cotton t-shirt for work, just too plain). Add almost any type of statement necklace (collar, bib, long) in a bright color or bold finish (i.e. sparkly) and it does all the work for you.

Belt it: If your outfit is looking a little dull, add a belt to give it a little something extra (and highlight your great figure). I find this is the perfect solution to a pencil skirt/top combo that falls a bit flat.

Add a heel (or a bright shoe): Wearing heels may sound like the last thing you want to do but it kicks your outfit up a notch without even trying. If heels really aren’t your thing then instead of pulling out your brown or black flats, rotate in the turquoise or pink pair that have been stashed in your closet.

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