Tricks for Timeliness

runninglateOther then a random earthquake, there is no good reason to be late for appointments and meetings. Try a couple of these tips to ensure your timely arrival.

Always give yourself a buffer by planning on showing up ten minutes early. If you are always ten minutes late, then plan on showing up twenty minutes early. Time is money, but you will lose money if you constantly show up for meetings late.

Itemize what needs to be done to get somewhere. Only accounting for drive time is bad time management. You need to walk to your car, pay for parking, walk to your location, etc. If you need to put your dog away before you leave for work, that counts too.

Do a little role playing. How annoyed do you get when a client is five or ten minutes late? Do not be that person. Being late, especially consistently late, does not reflect well on a person.

How to Never Be Late For Work or Anything Again | Web Worker Daily


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