If you litigate, you deal with depositions. If you deal with depositions, you need TranscriptPad. The original was good. Version 2.0, available now, is even better.

TranscriptPad, like TrialPad, is the benchmark in iPad apps for litigators. I transitioned to a paperless office over 5 years ago, but one of the nagging complaints I had was the lack of a good paperless option for summarizing and annotating depositions. TranscriptPad fills that bill. It allows you to:

  • Import depositions and organize them by case file
  • Import exhibits as PDFs for viewing
  • Annotate depositions by custom case “issue codes”
  • Assign multiple issue codes to the same testimony
  • Highlight in multiple colors
  • Underline in multiple colors
  • Flag testimony with and without notes
  • Create reports organized by issue code, highlight, underline or other views
  • File integration with Dropbox, Transporter, Box and WebDAV
  • Jump to a particular page in the transcript
  • And many other features

All this costs just $89.99, a fraction of the cost for comparable PC-based applications. (I know, I know. You’re used to paying $4.99 for applications for your iPad. Well this isn’t a game you play to waste time; it is an application you’ll rely on to get real work done.)

If you are handling depositions, you should get TranscriptPad. (And by the way, if you are trying cases without TrialPad, it just may be malpractice.)

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