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ABA Journal—Legal Rebels: “Catching up with Legal Rebel Stacy Stern of Justia”

In this episode of the Legal Rebels Podcast, recorded at ABA TECHSHOW, host Molly McDonough talks with Legal Rebel Stacy Stern, the president of legal portal Justia. Stern was named a Legal Rebels Trailblazer in early 2017.

Science Vs: “Death, Lies, and Lemmings”

Hosted by Australian science journalist Wendy Zukerman, Science Vs looks at fads and sorts out what is fact and what is not. In this episode, “Death, Lies, and Lemmings,” Zukerman talks to Dan Levitan, author of Weaponized Lies: How to Think Critically in the Post-Truth Era, about how to be appropriately skeptical about the news you read.

Oxford Biographies: “Margaret Thatcher”

If you’re an Anglophile, a history buff, or both, Oxford Biographies, from Oxford University Press, is for you. Every fortnight, this podcast features one biography from Britain’s Oxford Dictionary of Biography. Margaret Thatcher gets the full five-part treatment, but other one-off episodes have focused on great Britons like historian Doris Lessing, Margaret Roper, a 16th-century scholar and the daughter of Thomas More, and  James Murray, creator of the Oxford English Dictionary.

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