Track Website Traffic with Reports by Email

You can easily create your law firm’s website and you can also easily track traffic to your site with Google Analytics. Now you can use a program that will send you weekly emails showing the visitor statistics for your website.

Metric Mail keeps it simple

Google Analytics is great and offers lots of interesting statistics for your website. Most attorneys, however, are not incredibly interested in the nit-picky details, especially on a daily basis. Metric Mail does one thing: send you weekly emails in PDF format that track the basic traffic stats for your site. Metric Mail accesses the data from Google Analytics and emails it to you in an easy-to-read format.

In addition, rather than remembering to go to your Analytics page, the report pops up in your inbox. It should noted that you can also get scheduled emails from Google Analytics. Requesting those emails, however, is much more complicated than signing up for Metric Mail.

You should pay attention to your firm’s website

If you run your own firm, you probably also designed your own website and maintain it. At a minimum, you should check your site weekly to make sure it is still functioning properly. Even if you only get a few clients a month from your website, if it is not up and running, it is not bringing in business for  you.

Even if you do not care about who visits your site, getting weekly emails will at least clue you in if your website is down. If you are interested in who visits your site, the weekly traffic reports can help you determine what to write about for your next blog post.

Metric Mail does not do anything special, but it is an easy way for you to keep track of your firm’s website traffic.

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