Track Jurors with Your iPad

There have been a couple of posts on Lawyerist about using the iPad in a courtroom. Although I have not used one in court, I am willing to bet it comes in quick handy.

For trial lawyers, a new app called Jury Tracker is worth giving a test run.

What it does

The app makes it easy to keep track of information on jurors. There are fields for gender, employment family status, etc. Essentially, the “big” fields that most attorneys want to keep track of. To make it easy to track each juror, you can then create an avatar (think digital cartoon). Of course, you can record all of this information by hand, the app just makes it easy to organize.

Once the proceedings begin, the app looks even more useful. You can easily note a juror’s facial reaction to a witness or argument. A separate field tracks other physical movements (looks at watch, jotted note, etc.). You can also make note of whether a jury appears to be a leader or more of a follower. The app appears to make it easy to record all the information you could possibly want.

Give it a shot

The app only costs $9.99. Given what it does, that is a relatively low price. As noted in this review, however, there is one issue with saving the data. It appears the app requires a user manually press “save” in order to save data. If that is the case, that makes it too easy to lose data. Hopefully that issue will be remedied soon.

It seems unlikely the first chair will have time to record all that data. Given the amount of info you can record, the app would be most useful for a second or third-chair attorney. Heck, it might even be worth bringing a law clerk and having them observe the jury.


  1. Avatar Scott says:

    Pretty cool idea, although I can’t imagine the first or second-chair trial attorney using it.

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