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Technology and law practice increasingly go together, and that is one of our favorite things to write about on Lawyerist. You can find everything from product reviews to information on going paperless to building a law firm website or starting a blog.

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How to Install Browser Extensions

All major browsers — Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari — support installing browser extensions. These extensions do exactly what they say: extend the functionality of your browser with new features.


Internet Tools for Researching Opposing Counsel, Judges, and Juries

Knowing the ins and outs of how other courtroom players think is a key ingredient in successful litigation. Here's how to do it.


Soon You Can Access Harvard’s Case Law Collection For Free

Harvard is renowned for an almost pathological level of copyright maximalism over the precious precious Bluebook. Rightly so, because forcing law students everywhere to buy that monstrosity nets them seven figures per year. However, it looks like they’ve decided to be a little less tight-fisted about their collection of case law, which is apparently enormous. Home to the country’s […]


Taming Microsoft Word’s Paragraph Numbering Feature

Paragraph numbering in Microsoft Word seems like a "good news/bad news" joke, even to an experienced Word user. Fortunately, you only have to learn a handful of tricks to tame it.


Law Firm Partners Ready to Replace Associates With Robots

How willing are law firm partners to replace first year associates with robots? The results are in (PDF), and it doesn’t look good for first year associates. Altman Weil, a legal consulting company, has just released its annual “Law Firms in Transition” survey of 320 large law firm managing partners. The survey measured things like firm optimism, […]


Auto Numbering Microsoft Word Documents: Beyond Paragraphs

If you've ever wanted to automate numbered headings (like "Article One", etc.) in your briefs, contracts, etc. to make editing easier, it's easier to set up than you think. And combined with Quick Parts, they're endlessly re-useable, too. Learn how to deploy this trick in your documents and forms.


Should Lawyers Be Software Developers?

In general I think it is too early to tell whether these particular experiments are going to catch on and have lasting success. But it's not to early to acknowledge that lawyers have new tools available to them, and that we need to expand our concept of practicing law to include those tools.


Clio Introduces Campaign Tracker and Clio Payments

Today at the Clio Cloud Conference, Clio introduced two brand-new features: Campaign Tracker and Clio Payments.


Clio Law Practice Management Software

Clio practice management software information and review.


The Consequences of Technological Incompetence

Being a Luddite can be expensive, embarassing, and potentially disastrous for lawyers and clients. There are high prices to pay for being too proud (or lazy) to learn how the Internet, social media, and that box on your desk work.

FireShot Capture 26 - Ciinch_ - https___www.facebook.com_tryciinch

First Look: Ciinch Law Practice Management Software

If you are looking for something quick and efficient that helps you grind through your tasks each day, allows you to create a lot of reminders, and helps you with just invoicing rather than full-fledged accounting, Ciinch is a solid choice.


Lawyerist at the 2015 Clio Cloud Conference

Clio’s exuberant legal tech conference kicks off in Chicago in just under two weeks. (Here’s my coverage of the past two Clio Cloud Conferences, in 2013 and 2014.) Several Lawyerist contributors and podcast guests will be speaking or attending, so keep an eye out for us and say hello if you are going to be […]


Podcast #37: Internet Ninja Research Tricks with Carole Levitt & Mark Rosch

The Internet is a powerful tool for research that few people know how to use well. Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch are two of those people. They move through the Internet like ninjas through a moonless night. Before we talk to Carole and Mark, we argue about whether Nikki Black is right that 50% of […]


Court Opinions Are Rotten; Here’s a Fix

When one of your key sources only to hit a "404 - Page Not Found" error, that's link rot. It is a huge problem for lawyers and judges.


70% of Lawyers Think Words Make Email Safe, Are Incompetent

If you think a confidentiality statement in your email counts as a precaution when you are sending confidential information, you are incompetent.