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Windows 10 Is Collecting a Ton of Your Data for No Good Reason

Windows 10 collects a lot of data about how you use your computer and where. It shouldn't, and it doesn't have to.

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How Legal Software Companies Protect Your Clients’ Information in the Cloud

What about the companies to which we entrust our clients' information? Do they take confidentiality as seriously as lawyers and clients do?

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Secure Communication Portals Are Becoming Common

If your practice management software includes a secure communication portal, how reasonable an effort are you making if you stubbornly insist on using email?

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The Robot Lawyer Is Now Tackling Evictions, at Least in Britain

Remember the robot lawyer that fights parking tickets? In Great Britain, it now works to fight evictions and obtain housing.

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Weekend Project: Avert a Catastrophe by Restoring a File from Backup

Can you recover a document after you save over it?


How to Format an Appellate Brief

The complexity of appellate briefing requirements can make your head spin even before you try to translate them into a Word document. This comprehensive guide to building an appellate brief in Word will get you started.


First Look: TimeSolv Time Tracking And Billing Software

TimeSolv tracks time and billing for attorneys. Here is our first look at the software.


Podcast #81: The Dark Web, with Mark Lanterman

This week, Sam talks with computer forensics expert Mark Lanterman about the dark web and the latest trends in law firm security breaches.

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Preparing for E-Discovery, Step Two: Opposition Research

When preparing for e-discovery, you need to make sure you do some effective opposition research first. Here's how.


4 Annoying Microsoft Word Features You Should Turn Off

Microsoft Word sometimes gets in the way. Here are four annoying Microsoft Word features you'll want to turn off.

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A Quick Look at the ABA’s Report on the Future of Legal Services

The ABA's report on the future of legal services was just released. Here's a quick look at some of the key findings.


Podcast #80: How to Overcome Resistance to Technology Upgrades, with Will Harrelson

On this week's Lawyerist podcast, Sam talks to Will Harrelson of Curo Legal about what to do when you are working with someone who is resistant to upgrading their systems and technology.

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Stop Changing Your Password All the Time

You should be free of the tyranny of changing your passwords all the time. Research shows it may make things much less secure.

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The Voodoo and How-To of Lawyers’ Duty to Search the Internet

Judges have come to expect that lawyers will use the internet to locate parties. The debate goes on, however, as to how attorneys should use the internet when it comes to jurors.