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Wikipedia: a Guide For Lawyers

By now, Wikipedia is the thing that needs no introduction. But reading Wikipedia and editing it are two different things. Here's what you need to know to make a contribution to Wikipedia.


Podcast #65: What You Need to Know About the Cloud Services You Use, with David Tollen

As more law firms go paperless, using cloud services for billing, timekeeping, and client files is common. But not all cloud services, especially those that offer free packages, will promise to keep your client data secure.


New Lawsuit Says Gov’t Shouldn’t Profit from PACER

There is no question that none of us like paying our PACER fees, particularly given that navigating the site often still feels a lot like you are back using Netscape Navigator. That said, most of us grudgingly agree that using the site (and paying the fees) is quite literally the cost of doing business as […]


Find the Right Legal Tech Consultant for Your Firm

Inspired to innovate but unsure where to start? Need guidance executing on your vision for your firm? If you need a consultant, we can help you find one that meets your needs and budget.


Podcast #64: What the Internet of Things Means for You and Your Clients, with Andy Mergendahl

Sam and Andy Mergendahl chat about the ever-increasing prevalance of Internet-enabled devices, otherwise known as the Internet of things, and what impact it will have on your practice and your daily life. The worst part of all this? You may now have to read the Terms of Service that comes with every new software packagae you buy.


URL Shorteners Are Attractive, Convenient, and a Security Risk

Those services that automatically shorten unwieldy and lengthy web addresses are great. They allow you to send something that is a few characters long rather than some mess that spans three full lines. Unfortunately, at least some of them can be compromised to reveal personal information. Worse still, they could create an easy pathway to […]


Email Marketing Software Buyers’ Guide for Lawyers

Email marketing is the most effective marketing tactic you are currently not doing to help your firm bring in new business.


Microsoft Sues To Stop The Government From Secretly Looking At Your Data

Attorneys have a complicated relationship with cloud storage. On the one hand, storing everything in the cloud is fantastically convenient and really has become mission critical for attorneys to access information on the go. On the other hand, there has been a steady drip of concerns about the NSA being able to get to cloud-based storage […]


The ABA Wants to Know What You Think About Regulating Legal Tech

Two years ago, the American Bar Association created the Commission on the Future of Legal Services to examine, among other things, how legal technology can transform delivery of and access to legal services. Late last month, the Commission released its Issues Paper Concerning Unregulated LSP Entities. The paper defines “unregulated LSP entities” broadly and in a […]


Thought Exercise: Build a Chat Bot for Facebook Messenger

Yesterday Facebook announced its new Messenger Platform, including Bots for Messenger. Basically this makes it easier to built an intelligent-seeming algorithm—a chat bot—that can interact with anyone who contacts it on Facebook Messenger. So let’s do a thought exercise. Let’s say people wanted to use Facebook Messenger to communicate with you about legal matters. What sort of bot could […]


Podcast #63: Controlling Your Information in the Digital Age, with Tom Mighell

Sam and Tom Mighell talk about how to keep your information—client data, finance documents, and other records—preserved, orderly, and accessible using a data map. Tom also tells lawyers that even though abundant online storage gives you the ability to keep all of your client and business record data, that doesn't mean you should.


Four Apps to Book Appointments through Your Website

Stop sending emails and playing phone tag to set your appointments. Use one of these apps instead.