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How to Stop Your Phone from Leaking Private Information to Everyone You Call

Sometimes you don't want Google to automatically share all of your personal information just because you've made a phone call. Here are some simple steps you can take to lock down your private information.


Podcast #87: Building an Agile, Virtual Immigration Law Practice, with Greg McLawsen

This week, we replay Sam's conversation with Greg McLawsen about building an agile and virtual immigration law practice.

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First Look: LawStudio

LawStudio is file management software aimed at trial attorneys who need to handle a lot of depositions, exhibits, and other trial documents. Here's our first look.


First Look: Contactually Client Relationship Management Software

Contactually is CRM software that works well for lawyers. If you want help staying in touch with current and former clients and other referral sources, you should give Contactually a try.


How to Build a Law Bot

The final part of our series teaching lawyers to code. This time, you'll put together what you've learned to build a Twitter bot.

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Access to Justice Sometimes Benefits from Moving Software to the Cloud

Sometimes, all it takes to increase access to justice is moving software to the cloud.


The Evolution of Law Practice Management Software Design

Legal practice management software has come a long way, design-wise.

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Weekend Project: Encrypt Your Client Files

Encrypting your files only sounds complicated. In fact, it will take you less than a minute (which is why I think it’s negligent not to do it).

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Comparing Credit Card Transaction Fees for Law Practice Management Software Billing Portals

Accepting credit cards from clients used to be a complicated mess. But many practice management software providers now make it easy to credit card payments.


LEAP Moves Document Assembly to the Cloud with Office 365’s Web Apps

LEAP legal practice management software just became first to market with a cloud-based document assembly solution.


MyCase Replaces Authorize.Net and PayPal Pro with MyCase Payments

MyCase users who currently accept credit card payments using Authorize.Net have until the end of 2016 to switch to MyCase Payments.


First Look: Lawcus Legal Case Management Software

Lawcus prioritizes productivity. It helps you keep track of your intake process and open matters, but it still holds all the information related to each matter.