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Microsoft SQL 2017: Improvements, Advanced Analytics and What It May Mean for Lawyers

Microsoft recently updated SQL, its database server and data management system. The advances Microsoft promises could make deep analytics and predictive technology more available to lawyers.

How to Organize Paperless Client Files

Organize paperless client files exactly how you organize paper files now.

Virtual Lawyering, Shared Office Space, and Board Games

Three podcasts we're listening to: The Florida Bar Podcast, New Solo, and Shut Up and Sit Down.

First Look: Centerbase

Centerbase is highly configurable law practice management software that includes contact relationship management and robust reporting features.

First Look: Bindertek Boundless Notebook

The Bindertek Boundless notebook is a disc-based notebook system that is great for lawyers who like to frequently rearrange their paper notes.

paperless office: scanning documents and turning paper into data

When It Comes to Reading, Should You Go Paperless?

Going paperless makes a lot of sense. But is it the best approach for reading material like legal briefs?