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Business man throws paper work pages to air floor

Stop Making Excuses for Not Going Paperless

It's time to go paperless. Period.


Podcast #96: How IBM’s Watson Empowers a Network of Lawyers, with Jason Velez

In this episode, Jason Velez explains how he is using IBM’s Watson to empower 1Law, the small firm and affiliation of US lawyers he founded. He also explains how he went about building 1Law’s technology solutions, which prompts Sam and Aaron to address the question whether lawyers should learn to code.

No - Aluminum Keyboard Concept. 3D.

Counterpoint: No, Lawyers Should Not Learn to Code

Law is in crisis, and technology could help. But teaching lawyers to code isn't the answer.

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Taming Microsoft Word’s Paragraph Numbering Feature

Microsoft Word's paragraph numbering feature can be daunting, even for experienced users. Here's how to use it successfully in your documents.


First Look: Page Vault

Page Vault captures, saves, and prints web pages so that they will be admissible in court. Here is our first look at the application.


Podcast 93: AI and Machine Learning for Lawyers, with Noah Waisberg

On this week's podcast, Sam and Aaron talk about how going paperless can mean different things to different people, and that's just fine. Then, Sam talks with Noah Waisberg about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning for lawyers.

Red  exclusive robot 3d graphic with isolated law icon coming from data cable

Maybe Robots Will Hire More Lawyers Instead of Taking Our Jobs

What if the robots we create just wind up hiring us back to solve legal problems we haven't even been able to think of yet?

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Legal Tech: Brought to You by the Color Blue

Blue says "hey, you can trust me" and "don't worry, I'll take good care of your clients' information."


First Look: Lawcus Legal Case Management Software

Lawcus prioritizes productivity. It helps you keep track of your intake process and open matters, but it still holds all the information related to each matter.


ABA Blueprint is Just 13 Products the ABA Recommends

ABA Blueprint is billed as "All of the services and products you need to run your firm, all in one place."


First Look: jEugene Compass

jEugene Compass is machine-learning software designed to help transactional practitioners speed through documents while ensuring they are properly drafted. Here is our first look at the software.


Using Microsoft Word’s Table of Authorities

If you regularly have to produce legal briefs in Microsoft Word, you already know that one of the most painful tasks occurs at the end: compiling the Table of Authorities. Here's how to mark citations and insert a Table of Authorities in your next brief.


First Look: CaseFleet

CaseFleet is case management software that helps litigators organize a wide variety of materials. At a higher price point, it is full-fledged law practice management software. Here is our first look.