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The Mind-Blowing Legal Tech I Didn’t See at ABA TECHSHOW

Most legal technology has moved from disruption to competition, and that's just fine. But there's more coming …

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Podcast #112: How to Ditch Your Computer and Work from Your Phone, with Chad Burton

In this episode of the Lawyerist Podcast, Curo Legal founder Chad Burton explains how (and why) he ditched his computer for an iPad Pro, and then ditched his iPad Pro for his iPhone.

Earning Media, Unbundled Services, & the Future of Legal Tech: Lawyerist at ABA TECHSHOW 2017

It seemed like Legal Talk Network's microphones and video cameras were everywhere at ABA TECHSHOW 2017.


Electronic Wills, Access to Justice, and Corporate Interests

Florida is considering legalizing fully electronic wills, which could simplify and increase access to probate services.

First Look: Allegory Litigation Management Software

Allegory is law practice management software designed to manage complex litigation. Here's our first look.

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How I Lost My Laptop Full of Client Data and Barely Broke a Sweat

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Desktop Document Scanner Review (2017 Update)

The ScanSnap iX500 is a bit over four years old, but it is still worth buying whether or not Fujitsu has an update in the works.

Allegory Litigation Management Software Raises $500k

Allegory Law is powerful cloud-based litigation management software built for litigation teams to keep track of evidence and witnesses and link everything together.


How to Secure Legal Documents

Both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat give you the ability to password protect your documents. However, unless you use a strong password, those documents are still easily cracked.