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Legal Software Bill of Rights

As a legal software customer, you have a right to demand a few things from the companies with which you do business.

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How To (Properly) Redact a PDF

If you are in the type of practice that requires a good deal of document redacting, it is probably best to invest in a dedicated program, even though there will be some sticker shock.


Abacus Acquires Amicus, Expanding its Cloud Offerings

Today, Abacus Data Systems announced that Amicus Attorney (previously developed by Gavel & Gown Software) “will become an integrated part of the Abacus family.” However, the companies will continue to operate independently: Both companies will continue to offer all products and services with no changes made to either company’s staff or management team. So why […]

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Beating up on Legal Tech in Front of a Home Crowd at CodeX 2016

"Imagine it is the year 2020. Plaintiff, a dissatisfied attorney, has brought suit against the entire legal tech industry, alleging that the claims and promises it made in 2016 amount to fraud and false advertising."

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How To Encrypt Microsoft Word Documents

One easy way to ensure a document remains safe is to add a password to it in Microsoft Word. Here's how to do it on a Windows machine and on a Mac.


Podcast #68: What’s Happening at the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, with Adam Ziegler

Sam and Adam Ziegler talk about the future of law and the challenges it faces through the lens of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab. They also explore the beginnings of—a tool that saves links from rotting—and other products that have also come out of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab.

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The Calculus of Risk, Tech Competence Edition

Rule 1.6(c)'s "reasonable efforts" is a duty of care. So let’s see how the calculus of risk plays out when we apply it to computer security.


First Look: WordRake Proofreading Software

We often need help to make our writing leaner and cleaner. Enter WordRake, which hopes to do exactly that.

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How To Securely Wipe a Hard Drive

Before you sell, give away, or throw out a computer, you need to wipe its hard drive clean.


Podcast #67: How and Why You Need to Ditch Your Smartphone, with Jared Correia

Sam and Jared Corella discuss the impact of smartphones on our daily lives and why it may be best for you to give it up in favor of being in the moment. (And don’t worry, you can give up your smartphone without being considered a luddite.) Lawyerist Announces Its First Ever Event: TBD Law In exciting Lawyerist […]

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Buyer’s Guide

As more and more of your client data moves to the cloud, it is pertinent you protect your client's trust by using a VPN. Installing an app and paying a nominal subscription fee are small prices to pay for peace of mind.

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Lawyers Can Be Useful to Startups, Even Non-Legal Ones

A few months ago, we lamented the fact that the cool disruptive legal tech startup field was woefully short on actual lawyers that might provide useful information about how legal tech should work. The comments were, shall we say, spirited, with some folks asserting that good tech is good tech and you do not necessarily […]

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Russian Hackers Are Trading Your Email Credentials like Magic Cards

Another day, another security breach. Alex Holden, chief information security officer at Hold Security, discovered that 272 million emails are currently being traded in Russia’s criminal underworld. Nearly every major email provider was breached, including Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. If you route your email through any of the providers mentioned, here are five steps you can take to […]