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Using Microsoft Word’s Table of Authorities

If you regularly have to produce legal briefs in Microsoft Word, you already know that one of the most painful tasks occurs at the end: compiling the Table of Authorities. Here's how to mark citations and insert a Table of Authorities in your next brief.


First Look: CaseFleet

CaseFleet is case management software that helps litigators organize a wide variety of materials. At a higher price point, it is full-fledged law practice management software. Here is our first look.

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Signal is a Free, Secure, Easy-to-Use Client Communication Tool

Signal might be the most convenient tool yet for communicating securely with clients.

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How to Identify and Avoid CEO Spoofing, Spear Phishing, and Social Engineering Attacks

With "CEO spoofing," sophisticated email scammers can compromise corporations and law firms by making them believe that requests for information or money come from the CEO themselves.

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How to Restrict Others’ Formatting in Microsoft Word Documents

Here's how to lock down Microsoft Word formatting when you send out documents for group editing.

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What It Could Look like When Someone Is Stealing Your Phone Number

Would you notice if someone were taking over your phone number? Here's what it could look like.

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Big Unanswered Questions on Big Data and Ethical Obligations

Big data is transforming the legal profession, but big ethical questions remain.

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How to Stop Your Phone from Leaking Private Information to Everyone You Call

Sometimes you don't want Google to automatically share all of your personal information just because you've made a phone call. Here are some simple steps you can take to lock down your private information.


Podcast #87: Building an Agile, Virtual Immigration Law Practice, with Greg McLawsen

This week, we replay Sam's conversation with Greg McLawsen about building an agile and virtual immigration law practice.

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First Look: LawStudio

LawStudio is file management software aimed at trial attorneys who need to handle a lot of depositions, exhibits, and other trial documents. Here's our first look.