Practice Management

Below are our best law practice management tips and advice, so get your practice in order!

We recommend you transition to a paperless office, try alternative billing, outsource menial tasks, create the ability to have a mobile law office, and streamline your procedures.

We also offer ideas on the best legal software and on maximizing your continuing legal education.

Once you are on your feet, you might be interested in learning our favorite productivity tactics, including the Getting Things Done (GTD) system.

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How To Retain Employees in a Competitive Work Market

A high turnover rate can be detrimental to your firm. Instead of focusing on growth, you are bogged down looking for replacements for workers who leave in search of greener pastures. It can even be personally painful when your most valuable team members make an exit. Here's how you can use your compensation structure to retain employees.


The Flaws of the “Recruit Your Successor” Exit Strategy

The “recruit your successor” retirement exit strategy is flawed. To obtain maximum value, transition your practice to more experienced lawyers.


Practical Advice for Taking Better Notes

Establish a system, make a template, and convince yourself that taking good notes is important enough to do every time.


Year-End Tax Planning for Lawyers

A little planning goes a long way. It is actually pretty easy to stay on top of your taxes if you start the year with good estimates and end the year fine-tuning your liability with the help of your accountant.


Net Promoter Score: the One Number You Need to Grow Your Law Practice

How many of your clients would recommend you to their friends and family? Guess what — you're probably way off.


Podcast #40: Alan Dershowitz’s Advice for Young Lawyers (Replay)

As a well-known lawyer and (former) law professor, Alan Dershowitz gives a lot of advice to young lawyers. At one point, he wrote it all down in Letters to a Young Lawyer. The book has been around for a while, but it is still full of good advice for young lawyers — and so is Dershowitz.


Podcast #39: Tips for Representing Low-Income Clients, with Martha Delaney

Representing low-income clients can present challenges for lawyers who are not used to it, but learning to meet those challenges is a good lesson in basic client service. While we're on the subject …


4 Things to Consider Before Taking a Case

Not all clients are created equal, and the same concept is true for cases. This is true whether you are starting a new firm, or you are a veteran attorney trying to enhance your bottom line.

Paying myself in law firm

Pay Yourself a Competitive Wage

Your small law firm is a business. You are both a partner and an owner of your firm. Make the smart decision to start acting like a business and pay yourself like you would any other employee.


How To Find the Perfect New Hire

Finding the perfect fit for your firm takes patience. If you are having difficulty hiring or retaining quality staff members for your firm, reevaluate your hiring process and the criteria on which you are basing your decisions.


How to Use Calendar Invites

Being smart about your calendar invites will make you look considerate and organized — and help you stay on schedule, of course.

Read "The Best Way to Serve Coffee in Your Office" on Lawyerist.

The Best Way to Serve Coffee in Your Office

Offering coffee is basic client service, but how you serve that coffee says a lot about your firm.


Disaster Planning for Solo and Small Firms

Hopefully your office never gets hit by a natural disaster. If it does, you want to be well-prepared. Having a well-defined plan, going paperless, having the right insurance, notifying your clients, and having the right supplies can make the difference between reopening as soon as possible and closing your practice for good.


Your Personal Relationships with Clients Probably Aren’t As Strong As You Think

While lawyers probably aren’t going to become irrelevant any time soon, it probably is not because their personal relationships with clients are so strong.