Practice Management

Below are our best law practice management tips and advice, so get your practice in order!

We recommend you transition to a paperless office, try alternative billing, outsource menial tasks, create the ability to have a mobile law office, and streamline your procedures.

We also offer ideas on the best legal software and on maximizing your continuing legal education.

Once you are on your feet, you might be interested in learning our favorite productivity tactics, including the Getting Things Done (GTD) system.

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Four Big Firm Habits You Need to Break

Obscurity is not security, nor will it get you clients when you make the jump from a big firm to a small firm or solo practice.

Young business woman with sign saying "pricing strategy"

Price Like a Professional Because That’s What You Are

In thinking about how to charge for your legal services, remember to always price yourself like the professional you are.

Lawyer Hourly Rate Calculator

Use this hourly rate calculator to find out what your time is worth.

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Outsourcing 101 for Lawyers: How to Get the Most from Freelancers

Outsourcing tasks—legal and otherwise—can help you work smarter. Here are some tips for determining when you need assistance and who to hire when you do.

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Yes, Your Personality Matters to Clients

Clients want to hire an attorney that will help them solve their problem. But they also want to work with a person, not a robot. Showing your personality will go a long way towards creating a more meaningful attorney-client relationship.

How to Organize Paperless Client Files

Organize paperless client files exactly how you organize paper files now.

How to Keep Your Solo Practice Sustainable and Lean

Make sure you can keep your solo practice running until it succeeds by keeping costs down and overhead low.