Practice Management

Below are our best law practice management tips and advice, so get your practice in order!

We recommend you transition to a paperless office, try alternative billing, outsource menial tasks, create the ability to have a mobile law office, and streamline your procedures.

We also offer ideas on the best legal software and on maximizing your continuing legal education.

Once you are on your feet, you might be interested in learning our favorite productivity tactics, including the Getting Things Done (GTD) system.

Need more ideas? Join other innovative lawyers in the Lawyerist LAB.

An illustration of the extinct Dodo Bird on a white background. The dodo (Raphus cucullatus) is an extinct flightless bird that was endemic to the island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.

4 Things Small Firms Can Do to Avoid Extinction

The future holds promise for firms that adapt and extinction for those that refuse.


Podcast #86: Going Mobile without Losing Balance, with Kristin LaMont

This week, Sam talks with Kristin LaMont, lawyer and adjunct professor, about how to maintain your work-life balance when your firm goes mobile.

Business negotiations.

The Art of Negotiation: Client Goals and Settlement Authority

Successful negotiation starts with a clear understanding of client goals and a lawyer's settlement authority.

Credit cards close up

Comparing Credit Card Transaction Fees for Law Practice Management Software Billing Portals

Accepting credit cards from clients used to be a complicated mess. But many practice management software providers now make it easy to credit card payments.


MyCase Replaces Authorize.Net and PayPal Pro with MyCase Payments

MyCase users who currently accept credit card payments using Authorize.Net have until the end of 2016 to switch to MyCase Payments.

Girl in pool on phone

(Not) Working on Vacation

How to work during a vacation without completely ruining it.

Remote computer support concept with setup cable connections questions and answers symbols vector illustration

Choosing a Remote Freelancer to Assist Your Solo Practice

Choosing a remote professional to help with your everyday tasks can free you up for more important work. Here are some pointers to make sure that process goes smoothly.


First Look: TimeSolv Time Tracking And Billing Software

TimeSolv tracks time and billing for attorneys. Here is our first look at the software.

Illustration of a nuclear explosion, the city's skyline

Weekend Project: Your Office Exploded

It's a total loss. The only thing you will find is a mangled red stapler. How will you make it to your big trial/closing/negotiation on Monday?


Hiring Employees Using Craigslist

Craigslist's basic interface, low-cost listings, and wealth of potential applicants will more than likely get you the right person for your law firm — even if the list of applicants seems daunting to sift through at first.


First Look: FileVine Law Practice Management Software

FileVine is practice management software targeted at attorneys who handle cases with multiple parties and shifting settlement offers. For those users in particular, it is highly recommended.

Mouse Hand Cursor on Red References Button. 3D Illustration.

How to Go Above and Beyond in Job Candidate Reference Checks

Everyone knows that it is important to check your prospective hire's bona fides. Here are some ways to ensure you get something more than just perfunctory answers from candidate references.

Businessman and businesswoman lined up getting ready for race in business

Going Paperless: Everything You Need to Get Started

Once you have the right equipment and a basic plan, start scanning! Soon you will have a more efficient, more portable, more paperless office.