Failing the Bar, Lawyers of the Future, & Alfred the Great

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Amazon Echo Is Both Useful and Risky For Lawyers

Amazon's Echo device, which you command with your voice, can be a great tool for lawyers, but it can also be a huge risk.

AI, Optimizing Yourself, & Good Communication

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Cybersecurity, Cold Cases, and Trolling a Scientist

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Law Firm Holiday Cards: Everything You Need to Know

With the holidays approaching, it’s getting to be the season for company holiday cards. Since there are a lot of etiquette issues surrounding holiday cards, we’ve taken the time to write this guide on everything you need to know about sending them.

10 Legal-Themed Wines to Bring to Your Next Holiday Party

The season of holiday parties is upon us. Here are some legal-themed wines that you can bring to your next gathering.

Lawyerist Gift Guide 2016

Here is our Lawyerist 2016 gift guide, with gifts ranging from $3 to much, much more.

The Gentleman Lawyer’s Guide to Facial Hair

A proper beard makes a man more intimidating to his enemies. And since lawyering is about 90% mental, you should all listen up.

Weekend Project: Reboot Your Brain by Sleeping

This weekend, your only assignment is to get some sleep.