Latin woman, daydreaming behind her laptop at work. Focus is on her eyes.

Want to Focus on Your Goals? Let Your Mind Wander

A recent study shows that letting your mind wander can actually be good for you.

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Your Smart Locks and Smart Thermostats Are Definitely Not Smart, Security-Wise

The Internet of Things—everyday objects like locks and thermostats that interface with your smartphone and your home network—remains ridiculously insecure.


Help the National Archives Update Wikipedia’s Pages for Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The National Archives is hosting a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon tomorrow where people will edit Wikipedia pages relating to proposed Constitutional amendments. You can participate in person or online, and it's a great opportunity to get more familiar with Wikipedia.

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Want a Raise? Take a Vacation.

People who take more of their paid time off are more likely to get raises. Isn't it time you booked a vacation?

love over the law

How to Stay Married to a Lawyer

Being in love with a lawyer who has a duty to his or her clients and the law can be an emotionally draining experience. Here's how to handle the difficulties your partner faces with clarity.

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Successful Decision-Makers Are Slow and Uncertain

Though we often tend to assume that successful businesspeople are able to make speedy and bold decisions, the opposite may be true: people that take a longer time to make decisions and are less confident about those decisions can experience greater business success.


Driverless Cars Poised to Undermine War on Drugs: A Dispatch from the Future

We keep hearing that driverless cars are the future. If that is true, what does that mean for the future of law?


Podcast #75: Building a Mindful Law Practice, with Jeena Cho

This week, Sam talks to Jeena Cho about her new book, The Anxious Lawyer, and how to build a mindful law practice.


The Founding Fathers as Lawyers

On this Fourth of July, remembering the many founding fathers who were also lawyers.

Businesswoman says no at her office concept

Practical Strategies to Help You Say No

Learning to say no can help you decrease your stress, stay more focused on necessary tasks, and enforce meaningful boundaries in your personal and professional relationships. Here are some strategies to help you say no.

Tired and exhausted woman at work

How to Sleep Well—or Stay Awake When You Don’t

Everyone knows they should get a good night's sleep. However, that is not always possible. Here are some tips and tricks to get good sleep and to function well when you do not.

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Can Brainstorming like a Google Employee Work for Lawyers?

Google employees use a three-step process to brainstorm. With a few tweaks, those steps can work for attorneys.

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Stop Trying to Be Happy, Lawyers

Being a happy lawyer doesn't mean you're a good lawyer. Sometimes, pessimistic attitudes and negativity are necessary to serve a client to the best of your ability.


Overcome Chronic Back Pain with Healthy Habits

Most lawyers fulfill all the conditions that eventually lead to chronic back pain. Avoid serious injuries by following these five steps.

tax deducation

How To Tell Whether Your Bad Date is Tax Deductible

Deducting entertainment expenses is complicated to do. Nonetheless, if done right, you may be able to write off that bad date you recently went on.