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California’s Out-of-Whack Ethics System

California’s drama in the legal ethics world continues. After a vote of no confidence from her unionized employees in October, and a presentation to the State Bar of California Board of Trustees by some of her top deputies in November, Chief Trial Counsel Jayne Kim was reappointed by the Board of Trustees in December. If […]

“First Amendment Badass” Under Fire

Marc Randazza is an outspoken, high-profile, and very polarizing First Amendment lawyer. If you know him you probably love him or hate him. Not many people fall in between. He’s done some high-profile First Amendment work, and he’s sued people for downloading porn illegally. Today, he probably earned more haters from this article by Joe Mullin in Ars […]

Florida Bar Hires PR Firm to Sell Reciprocity

The Florida Bar is in the middle of a growing fight over the future of law practice in the state. The Bar is pushing its “Vision 2016” agenda, which includes taking long hard looks at things like computers, non-lawyer licensing, and reciprocity with other states. Florida’s lawyers are pushing back, so much so that the […]

Florida Bar Asks Lawyers to Stop Freaking Out About Reciprocity

Following last month’s speech by new Florida Bar president Ramón Abadin in which he floated reciprocity with other states as part of a broader initiative, lawyers in Florida have been freaking out. How bad? From the Wall Street Journal Law Blog (quoting a Daily Business Review article that’s behind a paywall): Abadin and members of the Bar’s board of […]

Florida Bar President Proposes LLLTs, Non-Lawyer Ownership

In a recent speech, Florida Bar President Ramón Abadin advocated for the state’s legal industry to change with the times and explore new ideas for the delivery of legal services. Abadin advocated that the Florida Bar consider allowing: Fee splitting with non-lawyers, such as online companies that deliver legal services; Unbundling of legal services; Reciprocity with […]

Should We Crowdfund Lawsuits?

Lawyers are expensive. And, as we all know, everyone loves a good lawsuit. Further, if history is any guide, tech-based startups are a no-fail way to make truckloads of money. Finally, if the Millennial generation has taught us anything, it has proven that you can, and should, use Kickstarter to do everything. Which brings us to […]

Westlaw Classic is (Almost) Dead, Long Live Westlaw Classic

Thomson Reuters has just announced that, sometime over the summer, it is sending Westlaw Classic to live on the farm. A friendly farm, where it can play in fields of casebooks and help … shepardize … ok, fine. All bad puns aside, the mainstay service is retiring sooner rather than later, so Thomson is telling its subscribers […]

Thomson-Reuters Launches Social Network for Some Reason

Lisa Solomon: I rate Legal Community’s chances of success at slim to none. If its focus on the legal vertical weren’t enough to doom it, its sub-focus on only its own customers is.

Oderus Urungus’s Dad Sues GWAR for Taking His Son’s Ashes

There is zero chance I will ever pass up an opportunity to put GWAR on Lawyerist.

Dear Public: No, the Fajita Lawsuit is Nothing like the Hot Coffee Lawsuit

Here, you have an man who bent over a sizzling platter of meat, which was exactly as hot as you would expect, and which behaved exactly as you would expect a plate of sizzling meat to behave. And he got burned. Exactly as you would expect.