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The Secret Style Guide the Supreme Court Doesn’t Want You to Read

You can't get any higher than supreme. So when the public gets a glimpse into the inner workings of the Supreme Court, it's a big deal.

We’ve Added 12 New Products to the Law Practice Management Software Directory

Now you can compare 24 of the top law practice management software products in our law practice management software directory.

Efficient Tech, Trump, and Organized Crime

Three podcasts we're listening to this week: The Florida Bar Podcast, Planet Lex, and Crimetown.

microphone at court house

Courtroom Live Streaming Finally Goes Big League

137,000 people tuned into the Ninth Circuit to hear oral arguments on Trump's travel ban, but most federal courts languish far behind the Ninth in providing real-time access to their arguments.

How Lawyers Can Help: People Affected by the Executive Order on Immigration

Lawyers helped momentarily beat back President Trump's unconstitutional Muslim ban. Here's how to keep fighting and helping.

Successful Marketing, New Year’s Resolutions, & Evidence Scholarship

Three podcasts we're listening to this week: Un-Billable Hour, the Kennedy-Mighell Report, and Excited Utterance.

Cybersecurity, Cold Cases, and Trolling a Scientist

Three podcasts we're listening to this week: Digital Detectives, Up and Vanished, and The Story Collider.

In Law, the Gender Pay Gap Is Actually a Chasm

A new study of BigLaw partners found that women partners make 44% less than their male counterparts.

How to Identify and Avoid CEO Spoofing, Spear Phishing, and Social Engineering Attacks

With "CEO spoofing," sophisticated email scammers can compromise corporations and law firms by making them believe that requests for information or money come from the CEO themselves.

Good Luck Getting the Government Data You Need

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) has begun denying FOIA requests under the logic that if they provide the data to a defendant, the defendant can then defend themselves, and that is, apparently, bad.