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Podcast #87: Building an Agile, Virtual Immigration Law Practice, with Greg McLawsen

This week, we replay Sam's conversation with Greg McLawsen about building an agile and virtual immigration law practice.


Limited Scope Representation, Limited Access to Justice

Limited representation models—either by lawyers or nonlawyers—will probably not solve the access-to-justice gap.


Podcast #85: Learning Creative Problem-Solving Skills, with Michele DeStefano

This week, Sam talks with Michele DeStefano, law professor and founder of LawWithoutWalls, about how to be a creative problem solver.

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Where Should You Hang out Your Shingle?

A recent deep dive into law school graduate and projected legal jobs statistics could help you figure out where you might want to hang your shingle.

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Change is Coming to a Theater and a Law Office Near You

The movie industry is being disrupted by Napster's creator, Sean Parker, and the industry's pushback sounds a lot like the legal industry's pushback against the alternative delivery of legal services.


Tips for First-Time Clio Cloud Conference Attendees

I’ve been to every Clio Cloud Conference so far, so here are five tips for getting the most out of it.


Podcast #83: The Future of the Legal Profession, with the Attendees of TBD Law

For this week’s podcast, Sam talked with several attendees of the inaugural edition of TBD Law, a first-of-its-kind gathering of innovation-minded lawyers sponsored by Lawyerist and Filament.

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Measuring the Access-to-Justice Gap: Nearly 70% of All Civil Defendants Aren’t Represented

Nearly 70% of defendants—and over 75% of all litigants—go to court without a lawyer. We aren't going to solve this gap with an app or more pro bono work.

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Fee Splitting is Mostly About Protecting Lawyers, Not Clients

Is South Carolina right in determining that Avvo's new fixed-fee service constitutes impermissible fee-splitting with non-lawyers? Sort of.


Product Design, Better Documents, Client Service, and Ethics, with TBD Law Sponsors

At TBD Law, sponsors were invited to share their knowledge, not sell. Each took a turn into the "hot seat" to discuss product design, better documents, client service, and the difference between attorney-client confidentiality and data privacy.


TBD Hackathon: Building the Law Practice of the Future

At TBD Law, talented attorneys hacked the future of law.

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Here’s What You Missed This Morning at TBD Law

It's the first day of TBD Law, a unique collaboration between Filament and Lawyerist, where a diverse group of lawyers has gathered to talk about how to shape the future of law. Here are a few quick highlights.

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TBD Law 2016 Kicks Off Today in St. Louis

We will literally be reinventing the practice of law in a series of discussions, workshops, and hack sessions.

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It’s about Time the ABA Added Anti-Harassment Language to the Model Rules

The ABA just approved changes to Model Rule 8.4, adding language prohibiting discrimination and harassment. You'd think we would have already had this covered.