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Malware, Racist Artificial Intelligence, and The Kinks

Three podcasts we're listening to this week: Digital Detectives, Note to Self, and Soul Music.

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Podcast #120: Web Apps for Justice, with Brad Clark (Replay)

In this episode of the Lawyerist Podcast, former public defender Brad Clark explains how he started his own firm, powered by a criminal expungement web app that lets him start helping people before they even contact him.

Innovative Lawyers: TBD Law Applications Are Open!

If you are serious about preparing your practice for the next ten years, you should apply for an invitation to TBD Law on August 27th!

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Failing State Bars Are Deunifying, and That’s Not Necessarily Bad

Some state bars are deunifying—separating the regulatory side from the lobbying/educational wing.

Legal Research, Market Forces, and Video Chat

Three podcasts we're listening to: ABA Journal—Legal Rebels, the Digital Edge, and the Kennedy-Mighell Report.

The Closing of Whittier Law School: A Sign Of Things To Come?

Southern California's Whittier Law School is closing. What does this mean for the profession?

LexisNexis Comes Out Swinging Against Lower-Cost Legal Research Services

LexisNexis is attacking lower-cost legal research services as lower quality as well, but the attack misses the mark.

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Lawyers Who Became Famous (But Not for Their Legal Work)

Sometimes lawyers get really famous, but they stop practicing law (or never even start) to do it.

Net Neutrality, Social Media Marketing, and Office Plants

Three podcasts we're listening to: Planet Lex, Un-Billable Hour, and Every Little Thing.