The Lawyerist Podcast

Lawyerist‘s weekly podcast about lawyering and law practice.

Podcast #191: Building a Practice Around Your Tribe, with Shannon Montgomery

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Podcast #185: Acting Like a Law Firm Owner, with Jordan Furlong

Podcast #184: Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, with Amy Morin

Podcast #183: Rethinking Substance Abuse & Addiction, with Jeff Glover

Podcast #182: The State of the Legal Profession, with Hilarie Bass

Podcast #181: Legal Bots for Your Law Practice, with Tom Martin

Podcast #180: Onboarding New Employees, with Ashley Cox

Podcast #179: From Child Actor to Entertainment Lawyer, with Jeff Cohen

Podcast #178: What Millennials Want from Your Law Firm, with Nicole Abboud (Replay)

Podcast #177: Billing Flat Fees for Unpredictable Cases, with Gabriel Cheong