The Lawyerist Podcast

Lawyerist‘s weekly podcast about lawyering and law practice.

Podcast #212: Tweeting Judges & Access to Justice, with Judge Stephen Dillard

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Podcast #206: Helping Clients Afford to Hire You, with Jennifer Longtin

Podcast #205: Entrepreneurial Poverty & Why Average Law Firms Lose, with Mike Michalowicz

Podcast #204: How to Keep Your Shit Together as a Law-Firm Leader, with Sherry Walling

Podcast #203: Ethical Legal Innovation, with Will Hornsby

Podcast #202: Accessible Justice, with Haben Girma

Podcast #201: 4 Keys to a Profitable Law Firm, with Greg Crabtree

Podcast #200: The State of Small Law, with George Psiharis

Podcast #199: Year-End Law Firm Finances, with Mary Juetten

Podcast #198: People-First Culture & Owning the Dinner Table, with Michel Falcon