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Don’t Let Another Attorney Backseat Drive Your Case

Blind reliance is bad; listening to your peers is good. When another attorney tells you that your pants are on fire, heed the warning, but don't take off your pants.


Removing Bottlenecks to Productivity and Profit

Don't waste your time making small and random adjustments to your workflow. Identify your bottleneck to make system-wide improvements to your legal process.


Lawyers, Stop Writing (and Saying) These Things Immediately

Wherever lawyers stand on legalese, they should, at least, stand on reason.


PayPal Class Action Notice Intentionally Obscures the Link to Submit a Claim

The lesson: lawyers need to pay attention to form and style of notices, not just the words.


How Attorneys Can Help Lottery Winners

Last week, three Powerball ticket holders won the record $1.6 billion jackpot. Lottery winners are advised to hire an attorney to protect their money from scammers, opportunists and tax collectors. Here are some of the common issues that lottery winners and overnight millionaires will face. Ticket Disputes A large jackpot involving multiple people can lead […]


How to Get Your First Client

Getting your first client is not easy. But with the right mental approach, and some hustle, you'll have a full caseload before you know it.


Spell-Checkers Won’t Catch These Usage Bungles

Does your spell- and grammar-checker proof your writing and make your usage decisions? Some common usage errors should make you think twice.


How to Prepare for Oral Argument

The key to better oral argument is to get away from your outline and use a more "modular" approach when preparing.


Four Big Firm Habits You Need to Break

Obscurity is not security, nor will it get you clients when you make the jump from a big firm to a small firm or solo practice.


The Death of Leading Questions?

Take this test. Watch a cross-examination from almost any televised trial. You’ll probably find it’s pretty bad, maybe even as bad as Cristina Gutierez’s cross-examination of an expert witness (ending at 2:03) in the Adnan Syed case (the topic of last year’s Serial podcast): Getting it Right Any lawyer who fails on cross forfeits a major opportunity […]


Let’s Not Do Lunch: Alternatives to Meeting Over a Meal

After meeting someone for the first time, it is common to follow up over lunch. But is it really a good use of time to meet over a meal? Here are a number of alternatives to lunch meetings.


Podcast #44: Typography for Lawyers, with Matthew Butterick

Why should you care about typography? That’s like asking why you should practice for an oral argument or wear a tie to court. If you aren’t already using Matthew Butterick’s typography guide for lawyers, you’ll snap up a copy after you listen to this podcast. Crowdfunding Lawsuits Crowdfunding is all the rage, these days, and […]


What’s Equivalent to a Handwriting Expert for E-Signatures?

I think it is a lot harder to effectively forge someone's signature with a pen than it is to access someone else's email account using their computer.


Proper Deposition Objections

Whether you are defending (or taking) your first or your hundredth deposition, you must be ready to handle objections. That means knowing which objections are proper and which are not. Once you know, you can keep the deposition proceeding smoothly — and avoid embarrassing yourself.