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red distraction stamp appearing numerous times

Battle the Hum: Reducing In-Office Distractions

When you are in your office, the distractions can be legion. Here are some ways to reduce the things that can divert your attention.

metal wheel concept with change management and planning printed on it

How to Manage Technology Change in a Law Firm

When you decide to make a technology change for your firm, you need to make sure to get buy-in from your staff. Here's how.

gavel with question mark

Lawyers Need to Experience Court from the Self-Represented Litigant Perspective

This past summer I had the opportunity to sit and observe eviction court in a major US city from a tenant's perspective. What I saw made me feel dismayed and embarrassed.

managing time

CLE Presentation Tips: Mastering Time

Every public speaker—especially attorneys presenting CLEs—needs to know how to manage their time. Here are three tips to help you do just that.

bright question mark

5 Questions to Ask Before Taking a Deposition

Before you file your next deposition notice, ask yourself if the deposition is really necessary. If the answer is no and you take the deposition anyway, you are wasting time, driving up litigation costs, and perhaps even damaging your case.

man in business suit on beach

Break Yourself: How to Vacation as a Solo Attorney

Sometimes, going on vacation can seem out of reach for a solo attorney. Here are some tips on how to arrange your life and your practice so you can get out of town.

group of vacationers with laptops

I Am Not Bringing My Laptop on Vacation Next Year

The best vacation is one where you actually vacation. Learn how to actually set work aside while you vacation with your family.

red, black and white Danger, Tax Audit warning sign

Things Lawyers Think Are Tax Deductible That Are Not

Not everything that seems like a business expense is tax deductible. Here are a few things that lawyers commonly assume they can deduct, but they cannot.

Red wooden lake house and mountains landscape vector background. Nature, outdoor lifestyle in calm, peaceful, tranquil environment. Minimalistic style.

Five Steps to Unplug From Life and Work for a Week

Taking a vacation isn't just important. It's critical to your health and the health of your firm. Here are five tips to help you fully unplug.

How to Succeed on the Bar Exam

Good luck message on road

The Bar Exam: Tips for Exam Day Success

Here are some tips to help you get through your bar exam.