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How To Avoid Billing for Interruptions

More than almost any other type of worker, lawyers overestimate the amount of time they spend working.


Evaluate Your Writing with Word’s Readability Statistics

Writing for your audience means keeping your words simple and your sentences succinct. Use Microsoft Word's readability feature to help you make this happen.

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The Art of Negotiation: Client Goals and Settlement Authority

Successful negotiation starts with a clear understanding of client goals and a lawyer's settlement authority.


Hacking Chaos: The Cornell Method of Note-Taking

It isn't an exaggeration to say that the Cornell Method helps me in every note-taking situation I've encountered in my professional life.


How to Represent a Diverse Clientele

Lawyers have to adjust their client relations to an increasingly diverse clientele. Here’s what you need to start doing to get it right.


Hello, World! Should Attorneys Learn to Code?

Lawyers should definitely learn to code because both information and technology are the tools of the profession's trade. Here's the first in a three-part guide that will teach you how to code.

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If-Then Statements: A Simple Way to Cut Email Chains Down to Size

Everyone wastes time with lengthy email exchanges, but they don't have to. Here's how to simplify your email communication with clear "if-then" statements that will drastically shorten the time you spend setting up meetings and other assorted tasks.


Hey Hey, Ho Ho, 19th Century Fonts Have Got to Go

Lawyers are fixated on fonts and typographical rules that went out of style decades ago. We can do better.

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How to Turn Lawyers into Better Writers

By and large, lawyers fall into two camps: those who loathe admitting that their writing needs help and, worse, those who do not even realize it. Set aside your ego. It’s time for some introspection and, hopefully, action.

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Preparing for E-Discovery, Step Two: Opposition Research

When preparing for e-discovery, you need to make sure you do some effective opposition research first. Here's how.

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The Voodoo and How-To of Lawyers’ Duty to Search the Internet

Judges have come to expect that lawyers will use the internet to locate parties. The debate goes on, however, as to how attorneys should use the internet when it comes to jurors.

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Dear Lawyers: If a Client You’ve Never Met Sends You $350,000, It’s Probably a Scam

Here's what happens if you answer one of those solicitations from mysterious overseas clients.

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What Skills Should New Lawyers Have?

A new survey shows that current lawyers expect new lawyers to have far more than just traditional legal skills when they are starting out.

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Why I (Mostly) Abandoned Flat Fee Billing

Flat fee billing is great for some situations and terrible in others. If flat fee billing is leading you to overworking yourself and undervaluing your skills, it may be time to consider a switch.

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How Much Trial Technology Is Too Much Trial Technology?

A court in Delaware recently disallowed all trial technology costs claimed by the prevailing party's attorney, saying that there was no evidence the tech helped the jury make its decision. This is probably the wrong way to think about trial technology.