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Podcast #6: Alison Monahan on Law School and Lawyering Success

This week Sam and Aaron discuss the effectiveness of meditation as a way for lawyers to relieve stress, shake our heads at the technological incompetence of LegalTech attendees, and Sam interviews Alison Monahan of the Girls Guide to Law School.


Real Lawyers’ Advice on Going to Law School

Lawyers are leaving the profession, and fast. And law-school enrollment is down because the best students aren’t applying. It’s starting to look like a brain drain, and that’s not good.

70% of Law Students Are Depressed and a Lot of Them Aren’t Seeking Help

"Seventy percent of Yale Law School students who participated in the school’s Mental Health Alliance survey have struggled with mental health issues at some point during their law school careers."


“Those Who Can’t Do, Teach” Apparently Applies to FIU’s Solo Practice Incubator

The Florida International University LawBridge program “provided highly subsidized office space and personalized training for law graduates wanting to start their own law firms.” Call it a solo practice incubator. Unfortunately, LawBridge’s own business plan was shaky. Its landlord found a paying tenant and canceled LawBridge’s donated space. Now the program is considering throwing in […]

“Practice-Ready” Law School Programs Don’t Help Law Grads Get Jobs

"The practice-ready debate isn't trying to address the problem that law grads are having. It's trying to address the problem that law schools are having attracting fresh meat."


A Tale of Two Tiers: the State of Legal Education in 2 Charts

If there were ever a market in need of adjustment, it is law.


Law School Enrollment Dropped Off a Cliff in 2013

From “Four Charts That Explain Why America Has Too Many Law Schools” on Bloomberg Businessweek. (h/t @adamcarstens)


Law Students Now Using Email Disclaimers, Apparently

Email disclaimers are a pointless waste of bandwidth even when lawyers use them, but at least lawyers are actually entitled to some privileges in general. Law students? Not so much. But hey, law students are pretty terrible people as a general rule (case in point; and yes, I include my former-law-student-self in the terrible people […]


An Open Source Bluebook May Be Just Around The Corner

Couldn't have happened to a nicer book.


Take Advantage of Public Sector Loan Forgiveness

Student loan debt can be debilitating. If you are willing to sacrifice yourself to the bureaucracy, the Public Student Loan Forgiveness program may be your best bet to recover.


This Law School Study Group’s Notes Will Cost You $5,000

Many people become horrible versions of themselves while in law school. Even so, the person who presented the following confidentiality agreement — with a liquidated damages provision, natch — to his study group may be an outlier.


Hacking Chaos: The Cornell Method of Note-Taking

It isn't an exaggeration to say that the Cornell Method helps me in every note-taking situation I've encountered in my professional life.


Nation’s Overachievers Losing Interest in Law School

Over at Associate’s Mind, Keith Lee crunched the numbers and realized that the decline in LSAT scores signifies just what you think it would signify: fewer top students are applying to law school. This is actually the continuation of a trend Lee identified last year, and it is a clear downward trend. Maybe smart college […]

Exam Guide

Law School Exams: A Lawyerist Survival Guide

In a new Lawyerist eBook, Law School Exams: A Lawyerist Survival Guide, Randall and Nena walk you through their process for preparing for final exams and taking open- and closed-book exams, take-home exams, and even final papers.


William Mitchell Goes Online — Is This the Future of Legal Education?

Starting in 2015, William Mitchell College of Law will begin offering a hybrid curriculum that involves online classes punctuated by intense classroom time. This pretty much puts William Mitchell on the cutting edge of legal education.