“Bring Your Child To Co-Work Day” Could Soon Be Here

From the Department of Someone Really Should Have Thought of This Sooner comes the idea of a co-working space with built-in day care: [Portland entrepreneur Glaucia] Martin-Porath says she’s already got a child care provider lined up and is currently on the hunt for 6,000 to 8,000 square feet for the co-working space, plus another […]


Why You Should Use A Virtual Credit Card Number For Free Trials

While I take many steps to ensure my data safety on the internet, I have always believed that getting your credit card data hacked is, at some level, one of the costs of doing business in the virtual world: it will happen eventually, and hopefully you have maximum safeguards in place to make that as painless […]


You Have a Meeting and Your Car Won’t Start. Now What?

There is no other feeling quite like the anxiety that arises when a turn of the ignition results in the silence. Here is what you need to do to make sure you get to your appointment on time.


Box For Lawyers: the User Guide

Box is an online file collaboration system where you can create, edit, and store documents, and it wants lawyers as users. Since 2013, it has courted the legal industry in response to Dropbox. Here is what you need to know to use Box effectively.


10 Ways Local Bar Associations Can Better Serve Lawyers

Local bar associations must begin to address the rapidly changing needs of members and move into this century.

The Oxford English Dictionary Adds the Non-Gendered Honorific “Mx”

Apparently it is pronounced mux or mix.


“[T]he opposite of polite doesn’t require being a total fucking dickwad.”

Consider the following comments. The first is an anonymous troll. The second is blogger Dan Hull of What About Paris? a/k/a What About Clients? The subject is a post about civility, written by Jeena Cho, with which both commenters quite obviously disagreed. There is an important and legitimate discussion to have about whether some lawyers […]


ABA TECHSHOW Has a Keynote Speaker Problem

The last seven keynote speakers at ABA TECHSHOW have been white men who mostly have no real connection to legal tech.

lawyer ship sinking

Why We Need to Rebrand the Legal Profession

It’s time to admit what we have been doing is failing on such a grand scale that we should just quit old habits and start brainstorming new ones.

Stop Using a Circular 230 Disclaimer in Your Email

While the email disclaimers lawyers use are pointless anyway, the IRS would like you to go ahead and stop using the especially pointless Circular 230 disclaimer: [T]he Circular 230 disclaimer that now appears at the bottom of many emails and on memos can and should be eliminated. (Source.) If you want to know more, read […]


Lawyers’ Hobbies on Hsu Untied

I just learned of Richard Hsu’s podcast, Hsu Untied from 3 Geeks and a Law Blog. Hsu Untied is a collection of short podcasts with lawyers, about their side hobbies. The guests’ hobbies so far include skydiving, mountain climbing, oil painting, magic, astronomy, opera singing, winemaking, boxing, chess, ballet, and more. (No winter campers, yet.) […]

7 Ways Cloud Accounting Propels Lawyers to Success (Sponsored)

Brought to you by GLG Accounting, the premier CPA firm for lawyers. Surely you like to win, because we sure love that feeling when we’ve just accomplished something really awesome. With tax time here, the stress of having to get the books together and file taxes looms (especially for those who don’t have a solid […]


Call for Submissions: Lawyerist’s 2nd Annual Short-Fiction Contest

Our short-fiction contest is open to all writers. If you have a story to tell (in 5,000 words or less), we want to read it! Submissions are due on June 1st, and the top two entries will receive cash awards and be published right here on Lawyerist.


Why US Letter–Size Paper is Wrong

"The 11" length of the standard paper being about a quarter of 'the average maximum stretch of an experienced vatman’s arms.'"

“The Rule of Law Will be Handed Off to Someone Else”

The future is probably insurance companies or banks doing your legal work. Maybe Walmart or, if we're lucky, Target.