Lower Law-School Admissions Standards Lead to Fewer New CA Lawyers

As law schools receive fewer and fewer applications for admission, is one tactic for their own survival to admit students who are unlikely to ever pass the bar exam?  Results coming out of California for the July 2015 bar exam certainly make one wonder, as the pass rate hits a 30-year low of 46.6% overall, […]


Support the Legal Information Institute (LII) and Free Access to Law

If you have ever used the LII, or if you agree that everyone should be able to access the law, please make a donation.


Briefs: Practice Panther Raises $3.5M, Enter Zola, Ghost Data, Etc.

Practice Panther just announced it has raised $3.5 million, and the already-affordable ($29/month/user, paid annually) software is free through the end of 2016 so the developers can collect feature requests to build out the roadmap. If you want to help build practice management software according to your own preferences, you might want to give it a […]


Fight Over Access to Justice in Washington Turns Ugly

Many state bar associations are wrangling with how to close the access-to-justice gap. In 2001, Washington’s state supreme court set up a Practice of Law Board to study the issue, as well as deal with the unlicensed practice of law. The Board proposed allowing Limited License Legal Technicians to perform limited legal services, which became law […]


Briefs: Crowdsourcing Avvo, Email Encryption, the Worst Lawyers, Etc.

At least one Redditor is trying to reverse engineer the Avvo Rating. So far it looks like the biggest boosts come from adding an LLM to your profile or getting endorsements from lawyers who say they worked with you. Maybe the goat lawyer could learn something. [/r/LawFirm] The legal sector added 700 new jobs in […]

(h/t /r/Lawyers)

Briefs: $5 Legal Consultations, Legalese, and a Badass Palestinian Lawyer

That, apparently, is a Palestinian lawyer kicking a teargas canister back towards Israeli soldiers during a protest, looking pretty badass in his formal law gear. [/r/Lawyers] One of the best law-practice posts of the month is Keith Lee’s post about people offering legal services for $5 on Fiverr. Only most of them don’t seem to […]


Briefs: Lawyers Can’t Keep their Hands Off Each Other, Etc.

CaseText is building an online citator, WeCite, by asking users how cases are cited. You get points for tagging and annotating citations, and law students can even earn prizes. Prizes include gift cards, Casetext swag (just 25 points for a water bottle!), exposure opportunities, and for a few rockstar WeCiters, even free textbooks next semester! And […]


Podcast #35: Jodi Ettenberg’s Never-Ending Vacation from Law Practice

Jodi Ettenberg left for a vacation, and never came back. On today’s podcast, she talks about how to do the same (even if you’ve got a shorter timeline). But first, did Ohio just issue the dumbest ethics opinion ever? Ohio, Seminars, and Solitication [A]ttorneys giving seminars to the public cannot engage in dialogue with people […]


You Are Wasting Way Too Much Time Checking Your Email

Everyone already knows that reading and responding to emails is a horrible time suck, one that we are forever trying to make a bit easier. We will never get out from under this email burden, however, if we don’t stop checking our email all the time, everywhere, all day (and all night) long. Adobe did a […]


SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

It's your professional obligation to watch this, obviously.


Podcast #34: Pablo Arredondo on Getting Lawyers to Collaborate

Casetext VP Pablo Arredondo discusses what it takes to get lawyers to collaborate. But first, why law firms shouldn't serve clients.


The American Criminal Justice System: Basically, You’re Fucked

That headline is not hyperbole. You absolutely do not want to get involved in the American criminal justice system. It’s a one-way street to being proper fucked, and nobody really seems to care whether you actually did anything wrong.


As You Suspected, Lawyers Lean Left

If you are a person who is interested in politics and also happens to be a data nerd, have we got the study for you.  A trio of professors teamed up to assess demographic data — including where lawyers work, where they went to school, what field they practice in, and campaign contributions — to map […]


Briefs: Cheaters, Virtual Pomodoro, $19 Million Copying Charge, Etc.

Ever wonder how American lawyers stack up politically? A new paper “places [every lawyer] who has made a campaign contribution reported to the FEC in the last 35 years on an ideological spectrum.” [Harvard Kennedy School] Morrison Foerster has a cheatsheet for known cheaters: If you’re unfamiliar, the pomodoro technique (named for tomato kitchen timers) is a […]


Briefs: 800-Pound Gorilla Launches Practice Management Software, Etc.

Microsoft is about to launch a practice-management solution. Or something. Actually, it’s not clear what it is launching, who it will be for, or what you will do with it. (Aaron and I talk more about this on next week’s podcast, actually.) [LawSites] Dictate much? Dropvox is a handy app for iOS users that automatically uploads […]