Sam Glover Discusses Law Practice and Lawyerist on the LegalMeets Podcast

A couple of months ago, Legaler's Stevie Ghiassi invited me to talk about my law practice, Lawyerist, TBD Law, and the future of law practice on the LegalMeets video podcast.

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Podcast #108: Incubating a Socially Conscious Law Firm, with Mindy Yocum

Mindy Yocum is one year into building a socially conscious law firm. In this episode of the Lawyerist Podcast, Mindy explains how she envisions her role as a lawyer, what it's like for a law firm to go through a startup incubator program, and just what she means by socially conscious law firm. Plus, how she hopes to reform the entire legal system from the ground up.

Sam Glover on the Legal Rebels Podcast

Sam gives a brief look into what we do and how we do it on the Legal Rebels Podcast.

“I Have a Dream”

Why courts are closed today.

Freshening Up for 2017

Welcome to the new! I've spent quite a lot of time over the last three months under the hood of the site, and I’m excited to finally hand it over to you.

Lawyerist’s Most Popular Lab Discussions of 2016

In the Lawyerist Lab discussion forum, lawyers trade tips and discuss technology, marketing, practice management, starting a law firm, the future of small-firm practice, and much more. Here are the discussions that were most popular in 2016.

Lawyerist’s Most Popular Podcasts of 2016

Fire up your favorite podcast app! These are the 10 most downloaded 2016 episodes of The Lawyerist Podcast, our weekly show about lawyering and law practice.

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