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Lawyers, Ignore The Power of Visuals at Your Own Peril

Sometimes, visuals are the key to understanding—or even winning—a case, but lawyers routinely fail to use them.


Save the Date: TBD Law Returns February 26–28 at Filament in St. Louis

"These were the two most valuable days of my professional life as a solo …" —Megan Zavieh

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The Forgettable Man (2016 Short Fiction Contest Runner-Up)

"The Forgettable Man," by Albert Tucher, is the runner-up in Lawyerist's 2016 Short Fiction Contest.


Life (2016 Short Fiction Contest Winner)

"Life," by David Colarusso, is the winner of our 2016 Short Fiction Contest.

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How to Help the Pulse Nightclub Victims and Survivors

You can help the victims, survivors, and others affected by the tragic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando by donating to the organizations helping them directly.


Welcome Lisa Needham, Our New Deputy Editor

I’m excited to announce that we’ve promoted Lisa Needham to Deputy Editor of Lawyerist. Starting today, she’ll be in charge of managing all our publishing channels, including the website, the Lawyerist Insider email newsletter, social networks, the Lawyerist Podcast, survival guides, books, etc. This is a pretty big change for us, but Lisa has substantial […]


Announcing TBD Law: Where the Future of Law Practice is To Be Determined

We are really excited to announce TBD Law, a first-of-it’s-kind event for a select group of innovative lawyers.


Marc Randazza, Klingon Lawyer

In this amicus brief, Randazza doesn’t just make the argument that Klingon has all the elements of a living language, he shows it.


Call for Submissions: Lawyerist’s 3rd Annual Short-Fiction Contest

Our short-fiction contest is open to all writers. If you have a story to tell (in 5,000 words or less), we want to read it! Submissions are due on June 1st, and the top two entries will receive cash awards and be published right here on Lawyerist. Submission Guidelines Entries must be original, previously unpublished […]


Podcast #61: The Future of Bar Associations, with Chad Burton

Chad Burton discusses how bar associations can help lawyers run their practices—and whether bar associations need to rebrand. Sam and Aaron also go over what practice management apps stood out to them at the ABA TECHSHOW.


Too Much Teamwork Is Terrible

Work in an office that isn’t just you and you alone? Feel like you spend far too much time working in teams and far too little time getting your own work done? You are not alone. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review found that in the past 20 years, “collaborative activities” have increased 50%. For […]


Why Are Lawyers So Expensive? I’ll Tell You Why

There is a lot of discussion lately about the need for lower-cost legal fees. This is an important discussion for lawyers to have, but I think it is also important to stop and reflect on why hiring a lawyer is so expensive in the first place.


Briefs: QuickBooks Goes Online, Fastcase Sues Casemaker, the Texas Law Hawk Eats Tacos, Etc.

Intuit Removes APIs from QuickBooks Desktop and Shifts Focus to QuickBooks Online In a press release announcing its new integration with QuickBooks Online, Rocket Matter dropped this bomb: As Intuit changes its strategic focus to the cloud, they are eliminating communication channels (APIs) to their desktop product that companies rely on for synchronization. In other words, […]


Briefs: And/Or is Unfair, Bilzerian Gets SLAPPed, Collaborative Editing Comes to Dropbox, Etc.

Collaborative Editing Comes to Dropbox One of the best features of Google Docs is collaborative editing. You can hash out contract terms with another lawyer over the phone while both of you are looking at the same document instead of wrestling with Track Changes over a period of days or weeks. Your second chair at […]


A Teenager Wants to Replace Lawyers with Robots

The idea of robots replacing lawyers is not novel (see here, and here, and listen here). It’s a major discussion in the legal profession—whether lawyers are going the way of codes and robots and full automation. And, if one 19-year-old Brit has anything to do with it, they might. Joshua Browder, a teenager in the UK, […]