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Podcast #147: Accessible Justice, with Haben Girma

In this episode, we talk with deaf-blind civil rights lawyer and accessibility advocate Haben Girma about accessible justice and how designing courts, law firms, and the attorney-client relationship for people with disabilities can increase access to justice for everyone.

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Podcast #146: Practicing Law as a Legal Technician (LLLT) in Washington State, with Laura Genoves

In this episode, we talk with Laura Genoves and her experiences as one of the first Limited Licensed Legal Technicians in Washington State. We also discuss the differences between a legal technician and a practicing attorney, including everything from education costs to how each can practice.

Join Your Tribe, Grow Your Firm: The Lawyerist Insider

Insiders are excited to engage with new ideas about the future of their practices. We think about law practice as a profession as well as a business. We design law firms for growth with the client at the center. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Good. Join your tribe!

New Job Openings at Lawyerist!

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our small but high-energy team trying to change the future of law practice, we'd love to hear!

Bloodlines (2017 Short Fiction Contest Winner)

Paola Paterlini's short story, "Bloodlines" is the winner of Lawyerist's fourth annual short-fiction contest.

Fish Out of Water (2017 Short Fiction Contest Runner Up)

Joan Leotta's short story, "Fish Out of Water," is the runner up in Lawyerist's fourth annual short-fiction contest.

TBD Law and Diversity, TBD3 Update

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, we believe in putting our data where our mouths are.

How Lawyers Work: Randall Ryder, Consumer Lawyer and Marvel Comics Expert

In this week's edition of How Lawyers Work, we talked to Randall Ryder, who sues debt collectors that harass consumers, assists consumers with student loan issues, and defends consumers in debt collection lawsuits.

Call for Submissions: Lawyerist’s 4th Annual Short-Fiction Contest

Entries must be submitted no later than midnight on August 1st, 2017.

Sam Glover Discusses Law Practice and Lawyerist on the LegalMeets Podcast

A couple of months ago, Legaler's Stevie Ghiassi invited me to talk about my law practice, Lawyerist, TBD Law, and the future of law practice on the LegalMeets video podcast.