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How I Built an Online DIY Ethics Defense Playbook

arrows to gavel

Virginia Bar Takes Aim at Avvo

While it could easily be read as “Avvo has been shot down by Virginia,” the opinion highlights a relatively small flaw in the business model and a map toward partial acceptance of those types of services.

bright question mark

5 Questions to Ask Before Taking a Deposition

Before you file your next deposition notice, ask yourself if the deposition is really necessary. If the answer is no and you take the deposition anyway, you are wasting time, driving up litigation costs, and perhaps even damaging your case.

neon fees sign

Lawyer Referral Fees: Worth Paying?

Are referral fees a smart business practice or an ethical nightmare?

Making a List: The Conflicts Check

A conflicts check should be part of your intake process, because if you miss one, you could be subject to disqualification or even discipline.

Be Careful Choosing a VPN (Obviously)

When you choose a VPN provider, you are choosing to trust that provider with any unencrypted information you send over that VPN.

How Lawyers Can Help: People Affected by the Executive Order on Immigration

The Trump executive order banning immigration from Muslim countries is something lawyers should work to oppose. Here are some ways to get engaged.

Lawyers, Airports, and Wi-Fi Security

These lawyers did good work under pressure. I don't want to take away from that. But the unfortunate reality is that someone may have been watching every keystroke.

Web Accessibility Icon On Keyboard

How Accessible Is Your Law Firm Website?

Website accessibility—ensuring everyone can interact with your website, regardless of ability—is critical. Here's a primer on how to get started on ensuring your site is accessible.

Use Technology to Streamline Your Practice and Help You Stay Out of Ethics Trouble

There are many ways you can use technology to help keep your clients informed, make sure you don't miss an appointment, and get your billing done in a timely fashion. Here are some examples of how technology can assist you in complying with your ethics obligations.