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If you are still a law student, check out our best tips for how to succeed in law school.

For everyone, take some time to optimize your legal resume, polish up your networking skills, learn how to improve your performance on job interviews (including OCI interviews).

Even if the legal employment market seems bad, we don’t want you to feel desperate. Be careful padding your resume with unpaid internships and clerkships. If you’re at all entrepreneurial, think about how you can create your own niche or think about starting your own law firm.

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Podcast #101: Working Out with Clients, with Drew Amoroso

In this episode of the Lawyerist Podcast, Drew Amoroso talks about starting a small fitness law firm of his own, Move Legal, after building a fitness practice at a big firm. Drew talks about meeting his clients for a workout before talking business, using Slack to communicate with clients, and the tools he uses to manage a mobile, niche practice.

Law School Exams

10 Steps To Writing a Great Law School Final Paper

How to write a great law school final paper. Tips for law students to succeed at final exams.

Law School Exams

Clearly, the Answer is not “Obvious”

Do not insult your professors by pretending the answers are "clear," obvious," or other meaningless words.

Law School Exams

Closed Book Law School Exam Preparation Tips

Tips for succeeding on closed-book law school exams, from our Exam Week series of advice.

“I Don’t Want a Free Lawyer, I Want a Real Lawyer”

Sometimes, people are a bit concerned that a free attorney isn't a "real" attorney. Here are some ways to combat that perception.

How to Better Nominate Diverse Judicial Candidates

A diverse judiciary is critical. Judicial commissions, as the gatekeepers to the judicial profession, must be diverse as well.

The Decline and Renewal of the “General Practice, Solo and Small Firm” Lawyer

For many years, the idea of a general practitioner and a solo or small-firm lawyer were synonymous, but that is all changing.

Podcast #91: Starting a Boutique Firm, with Patrick Palace

On this week's Lawyerist Podcast, Aaron and Sam discuss talk about the five reasons that your customers are leaving. Then, Sam talks with Patrick Palace of Palace Law about opening a boutique law firm and being president of the Washington State Bar Association.

Paying myself in law firm

Pay Yourself a Competitive Wage

Your small law firm is a business. You are both a partner and an owner of your firm. Make the smart decision to start acting like a business and pay yourself like you would any other employee.

Where Should You Hang out Your Shingle?

A recent deep dive into law school graduate and projected legal jobs statistics could help you figure out where you might want to hang your shingle.