Tim Baran

Honored and totally excited to be part of the vibrant and progressive Lawyerist community where I will write about all things continuing legal education (CLE), including its intersection with marketing, social media, technology and practice management.

I founded BaranCLE in 2008 which provides expert, affordable CLE accreditation services for activities including conferences, webinars and teleconferences in all mandatory CLE states. Check out our blog and resource hub at barancle.com.

My journey began at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals library. After 5 years I joined the library staff at Cardozo School of Law, followed by 10 years as the director of library services and CLE at the law firm of Anderson Kill & Olick in New York City.

Entrepreneurship and CLE have become passions which occupy most of my time. During my dwindling free time, I love eating out (got rid of my stove), movies, traveling and desperately trying to stay fit. A techie wannabe, I enjoy blogging, exploring new mediums and tools and engaging on social media.

Look forward to sharing and connecting with you!

2 responses to “Tim Baran, Lawyerist Contributor”

  1. Yan Ross says:

    As a “recovering attorney” now providing accredited CLE courses, having worked with Tim for a couple of years now, I am delighted to see the Lawyerist feature his good work.
    Wherever the CLE cutting edge appears, you’ll find Tim there.
    Way to go, Tim, and congratulations to the Lawyerist, too!

  2. Tim Baran says:

    Thanks so much, Yan! You’re much too kind. Although I’m all about CLE in my entrepreneurial venture, I feel burdened to expose the inconsistent, almost punitive rules and regs, and hold the governing bodies accountable. Kindly, of course. So what you refer to as cutting edge, others may not view as generously :-) I’m grateful for the opportunity to be on this premier legal magazine and acknowledge the responsibility I have to represent in a meaningful and effective way.

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