WordPress.org 2.5 was released a few days ago, and it contains a number of changes. Some good, some bad. For example, the new Dashboard is nice, but the new image insertion is terrible, and the new Write Post page has become an experience on scrolling on and on to find even frequently-used options like categories and tags.

If you use WordPress.org for blogging or your homepage, you will doubtless notice the changes, as well.

The developers wanted to create a more usable image gallery, which is good. However, while the old WordPress.org used a simple form for inserting images, the new version uses a slow, irritating pop-up, and it now takes me about four times as long to insert an image. This could have something to do with Linux, but I have not noticed any appreciable speed improvement in Windows.

However, the visual post editor is much better–I have finally switched to it. The new dashboard is different, and I think I like it just a bit better than the old one. I do not find the new navigation any easier to use, but I do appreciate the effort to simplify it.

Other than the much-improved visual editor, the Write Post page is a gigantic step backwards. While the old page had categories in a convenient location next to the post window, I now have to scroll down a full page to select categories and add tags. I would appreciate the ability to drag these boxes to the sidebar, where I want them, or at least to hide boxes I don’t use, like Excerpts and Trackbacks.

I do appreciate the ability to change the permalink right under the title and the simplified options for delayed publishing, but all in all, I hate the new Write Post page.

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