Minnesota consumer lawyer Bryan Battina got this letter from his nephew, Charlie, who is interested in suing Skyzone, which is apparently an indoor trampoline park.

Two things. First, Charlie’s letter is adorable. Second, INDOOR TRAMPOLINE PARK! Why was I not aware of this?


  1. Dan Sherman says:

    I have a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon. He is *really* happy that the opened up. So much that he’s thinking of putting some business cards on their counter.

  2. Well, this made my day! I love how the letter starts with the question, “What is it like being a loyer?” …without even requiring an answer, he is giving Mr. Battina the case. That’s family and trust. :)

  3. That’s awesome. I love that little Charlie was giving his uncle encouragement at the end of the letter.

    If you love indoor trampoline parks, we have one out my way in the Presidio in San Francisco in an old airplane hangar – I haven’t been there but it looks pretty sweet. https://houseofair.com/

  4. My son Cal (11) went to a birthday party at this very place on Saturday. He said it was really fun. He’s quite cautious, and he said it seemed as safe as it could be. Incidentally, the waiver wasn’t too bad from Skyzone’s perspective. I’m always amazed at how badly drafted those are.

  5. Harry says:

    My kids go to an indoor trampoline facility in the Orlando area. I didn’t think much of it until I saw video taken inside of one on TV. My lawyer sense immediately began to tingle. The place looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen. I can’t even imagine opening a business like that! Broken legs looked like the least of it. I can imagine broken necks, and people careening into each other. Maybe I’ve been practicing law too long.

  6. My lawyer says:

    Think that most lawyers have had letters similar to this from clients but some of them may not be so polite – on first blush thought it might be one of those letters explaining a life story or stating that they have an inheritance worth millions but they just need some lawyer help.
    Have you written back advising that you will sue on his behalf for damages ? No win no fee of course !

  7. Hard-core Rule 1.6 violation, with no one able to get informed consent from the minor.

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